Baby name consultation: One-syllable Advent/Christmas name for baby girl needed!

Happy Monday everyone! There are some beautiful feasts today according to my go-to feast day source, it’s the memorial of the Passion of St. John the Baptist, as well as the feasts of Our Lady of Tears, Our Lady of the Guard, and Our Lady of Valleverde (among many others. Every day’s a day to remember holy people!). Some cool things for you to research if you’re in a researching mood! Today’s consultation by Theresa Zoe Williams is for a mama that I’ve “known” for years via the internet, and she’s also a real-life friend-of-a-friend — I’m so excited to post this consultation for her seventh baby! Enjoy!

Mama Lina writes in asking for help with a middle name.

I am pregnant with my seventh and due mid December. We have five boys and a girl already and just found out we’re due with another girl. Our daughter is 10 so it’s pretty exciting! Her name will be Evangelina after two of my husband’s great grandmothers and we’ll call her Lina bc I love my name lol. I am named for my own great great grandmother.”

This is fantastic news! And Evangelina is such a swoony name! All of the children have two middle names, the second one being Lina’s maiden name. Evangelina is joining big siblings:

John Diego nn Johnny
Joseph Sebastián nn Joey
Rita Maureen
Michael Augustín nn Mikey
Patrick Thomas nn Paddy
Charles Loyola nn Charley

Aren’t those such great names! Mama Lina writes,

Originally her name was going to be Evangelina Claire — we’ve had this name as our girl name for the last three kids lol. However now that we have her due during advent I really feel drawn to have an advent/Christmas themed middle name.”

Ooooh, I love a good themed name!

She continues,

The issue is that Evangelina is many syllables lol, as well as the fact that all my kids have a second middle name of [her maiden name]. So anything longer than one syllable just feels and sounds really bulky and like we’re trying to be British royalty. So we’re on a hunt for one syllable, girl name that is Advent/Christmas themed. Phew . All we can come up with is Rose and Joy (most likely to be born during Gaudete Week). I do like Rose a lot esp bc St Rose of Lima was a contemporary and friend of St Martin de Porres, a family patron, but just would love more options to consider!

I love a good challenge!

About names they like but don’t feel like the one.

Claire– I love the sound of Evangelina Claire! I can see why it was their go-to for so long. It fits in nicely with their other kids’ names and has a classy, put-together feel.

Rose– Hot in the middle spot, it’s a great name. I love the connection to Advent and Gaudete Sunday. Evangelina Rose is nice if maybe a little bland.

Joy– Evangelina Joy is a joy! I love this connection to Advent, too. This actually gave me some ideas. I can understand why this one doesn’t feel quite right, though. It’s a little less formal and feels maybe too casual, next to their other kids especially.

On to new ideas! I had a BLAST researching themes of Christmas and Advent and names to go along with them. I loved the added challenge of a one syllable name. Here’s what I came up with:

1) Pax/Paz

Another theme of Advent is peace, which these names mean. I wasn’t sure if they’d like the Latin Pax (which leans a little more masculine) or the Spanish Paz (which sounds a little softer and more feminine) better, so I’m including them both. Evangelina Pax or Evangelina Paz sounds beautiful and unexpected. I like these names with their other kids, too, who have middle names like Diego, Augustín and Sebastián. Pax or Paz fit right in!

2) Lux/Luz

Pax made me think of Lux and I again didn’t know if they’d prefer the Latin (which is fairly gender neutral) or the Spanish Luz (which is definitely feminine) better. These names mean “light” which may not seem like a very Adventy or Christmasy meaning but St. Lucy’s feast day is during Advent and her name means light also. Additionally, there is the light of the Star of Bethlehem which led the shepherds and the magi to the baby Jesus. I thought that was a cool connection! Evangelina Lux or Evangelina Luz sound beautiful — all those lilting Ls!

3) Mae

This one syllable form of Mary is hot in the middle spot right now and goes with just about any name. Evangelina Mae is so cute! Lina Mae!! Mary is a central figure in both the Advent and Christmas seasons, so it’s only fitting to honor her. The only downside I saw was that their other daughter Rita’s middle name is Maureen, itself a form of Mary. Both sisters would have forms of Mary for their middle names–– either they’ll love that or they’ll hate it (both of my girls have forms of Mary in the middle, so I’m on team go for it!).

4) Kris/Chris

Speaking of central figures of Advent and Christmas, you don’t get anymore central than Jesus the Christ Child Himself! These one syllable short forms of Christine or Kristina are laidback and familiar but unexpected. Evangelina Chris is really spunky and fun! This name is a little different than the direction they’ve gone with their other kids, but not in a bad or mismatched way. Plus, their boys have more formal, straightforward names while Evangelina is more embellished. With Evangelina Kris, they’d just be swapping the places.

5) Dawn

The O Antiphon on Dec. 21st is “Dawn of the East” in reference to Jesus and the more I thought about it, the more I liked Dawn. It symbolizes a new day, a new beginning and isn’t that what a baby is? Isn’t that what Advent and Christmas are really all about, a new beginning for Creation? I thought this was such a hopeful name. Evangelina Dawn is beautiful and unexpected and powerful. This name was a sleeper hit for me, it grew on me over time; perhaps it will do the same for them.

6) Rey

I know this is traditionally a male Spanish name but with the female Star Wars character taking this name, too, I think it’s leaning gender neutral these days. I thought of this name because Jesus is the King Who came to bring us back into His kingdom. Much like Evangelina Mae, Evangelina Rey is so cute! This would also keep in style with the other kids. I also like the tie in of sisters with middle names honoring Mary and Jesus.

7) Beth

This last one was really hard to settle on as I had a couple I was going between. I decided on this one because of its multiple layers. At first, this is a short form of Elizabeth and St. Elizabeth was the first to receive Mary and Jesus and rejoice. But it is also short for Bethlehem, the sacred place where Jesus was born. For an Advent baby, I thought this was the ultimate name! Elizabeth means “my God is an oath” and Bethlehem means “house of bread” giving the name Eucharistic ties, as well. Who knew such a short name could pack such a huge punch! Evangelina Beth is homey and classic and Lina Beth is so much fun!

Since I wrestled with the last name so much, I’m including one bonus name: Eve. Mary is considered the New Eve and I just love the alliteration of Evangelina Eve.

These are my thoughts. What do you think?

I’m not currently doing consultations, but Theresa Zoe Williams is available to help you! Email her at to set up your own consultation! (Payment methods remain the same.)

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11 thoughts on “Baby name consultation: One-syllable Advent/Christmas name for baby girl needed!

  1. This is such a fun one! Mae was my first thought too!
    I have two other ideas:
    Noel(le) — it’s not one syllable, but it’s SO close to being one syllable and SO perfect for Advent. Evangelina Noel is SO pretty!
    Gail — as a (non-traditional) shortened for of Gabriel.


  2. What great names! While I love Joy, and would use it myself, I really like Mae and having both girls with obvious Marian names, which we also did. If baby is born on the 21st, I might use Dawn instead, which I would consider (like Joy) to be less obviously Marian.


  3. Congrats! Naming a daughter after her mother is such a sweet way to celebrate having another girl!
    First, let me convince you that Evangelina is, itself, an Advent/Christmas name: it means “good news”, and refers to the Gospel, so in my head I picture the Anunciation, which is the first “good news” the Gospels tell us.
    Plus, the name has “angel” in it, which fits the Christmas theme.
    So, my first option would be sticking with Evangelina Claire (Claire means bright, which is also Christmas related).

    If you really feel like you need another middle name, Beth really makes sense to me, after Bethlehem.

    A few others:
    Evangelina Grace
    Evangelina Faith
    Evangelina Jo (for St. Joseph)
    Evangelina Hope (Hope is such an Advent virtue!)


  4. I agree with Mary-Agnes, the name Evangelina is filled with Christmas meaning and Claire compliments it so well. With the meaning “clear/bright,” Claire has some Christmas connections as well. The star that shown over the stable in Bethlehem was certainly the brightest star in the heavens on the night that Jesus was born, and the sky would have needed to be clear in order for the star (along with the angel and the multitude of the heavenly host) to be visible to the shepherds. The Christmas carol, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” also ties Claire with Christmas.

    I also like the suggestion of Evangelina Hope.

    Another nativity reference for Lux/Luz is connected to Jesus. John 1:1-9 refers to Jesus as: the light of men; the light [that] shines in the darkness; and the true light that enlightens every man. In John 8:12, Jesus Himself declares, “I am the light of the world.” Even as a newborn babe, Jesus was the light of the world!

    Best wishes to you as you await Evangelina’s birth.


  5. I have a little girl born in Advent and her middle name is Rose! I love it and wouldn’t say it’s bland! Definitely consider it, it is lovely- you’ve got Rose of Lima, the rose candle in Advent, St. Juan Diego and the roses given to him by the Blessed Mother, Mary the Mystical Rose… so much rich meaning and a beautiful name!


  6. My first thought on reading the title was Eve, which does seem a little redundant following Evangelina. So I agree that Evangelina itself covers the Christmas theme. The original Evangelina Claire is lovely.

    Reading the suggestions, Beth is a wonderful thought. Joy, Hope and Faith also fit so beautifully. But along the same lines, I also have to suggest Peace itself (alongside Pax/Paz). The Good News was of Joy/Hope/Faith/Peace. Evangelina Peace is a little different, but very beautiful.


  7. What about Laurel? It’s two syllables but short and simple and the leaves are used in Christmas decor to symbolize “victory over persecution and suffering.” I love the other suggestions, too!


  8. Also, I agree Rose is lovely, but “bland” made me think of “Blanche” or “Bianca” or something in the “white” family, like snow or purity. Evangelina Bianca has a really nice flow, albeit outside the one-syllable preference. Anything Irish for white (that seems it would fit with the sibs) that could work?


  9. Haha, I promise this is my last suggestion. I saw some Spanish names among the other sibs .. how about Evangelina Belen (Bethlehem)?


  10. Love all of the options, especially Mae. Lina Mae sounds so sweet!

    Wanted to chime in with a note that Advent is a fairly short season. Our daughter was due smack in the middle of it and came two weeks late the day after Christmas and we’d chosen an Advent themed middle name lol We ultimately loved the name anyway, but just want to note that on the off chance this babe comes a touch early or late (depending on the due date).

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