About the “Donate” button

I love this blog. One of my very favorite things in the whole world is talking about names with people who want to and like to talk about names. And here, in this little corner of the name-o-sphere, I’ve found you all!

And the baby name consultations! Who would have ever thought anyone would want to hear my thoughts/ideas/suggestions for a wee one on the way? I’ve been blown away by how many people have written to me, and I love giving name help to each one of them.

But every time I tell someone I do it for free, it’s possible I see the tiniest of twitches starting in my husband’s eyelid. My darling husband actually sees the time spent and information shared and help given as worth something.

He’s a good one, that guy.

So for my husband, and my parents and brothers and sisters and sisters-in-law and even those several of you wonderful readers who have told me that I “should really start charging!” for name consultations, I’m giving it a go.

I’m determined not to lose sight of what’s happening here though — these beautiful conversations about holy people and their holy names (sancta nomina) — and so this is what I’ve figured out:

I have this little PayPal “Donate” button (see sidebar, under my roses). If you like when I’m doing here and/or you’d like a name consultation, consider the button like a street performer’s sidewalk hat, ready to receive whatever you think what I’m doing is worth and/or what you can afford. Not only is whatever amount you decide on totally fine with me, I personally assure you that you’ll get the same great service no matter what. 😉

Whew! Figuring all that out was quite possibly the most stressful thing I’ve done on this blog. And now that we’ve talked about money, let’s never speak of it again. 🙂


9 thoughts on “About the “Donate” button

  1. I say, don’t feel bad/guilty about the button. You are providing a service that very reasonably could be exchanged for a form of payment, especially for all the work it requires. I think your family/friends are right in prompting you to accept some sort of compensation for your effort if it wants to be given. I am thrilled that you do this for the shear joy of it, but honestly if you always charged, I probably would have not requested your services. However, equally honestly, I also wished that I could have paid you for what you did for me. It just felt right. I really like that you did a small donate button. You are not trying to make a profit, but instead are providing a possibility to be fairly compensated. I like that it’s a donation because then it lets the giver do whatever they think is fair, or able to afford, or give more than you would have changed. That is just my two cents.

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  2. Oh, good. I will donate when I can, but I am obsessing about names right now, so I was hoping you would help gratis. It is so great that you enjoy names so much, and have found this niche for yourself. I have a very outgoing and generous husband, and I highly value and am jealous of his time; so I completely understand your husband’s point of view! I sent you an email today 🙂
    I wonder if you will get a ton because of Simcha’s post!

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