Baby on the way: Fisher

I’m so excited that blogger extraordinaire Simcha Fisher just announced she’s expecting #10 in the late winter/early spring! Here’s her announcement of the birth of #9, Benedicta Maribel, who they’ve nicknamed Benny (sooo cute!). I’m only saying Benny’s name out loud here because Simcha actually named her blog post “Benedicta Maribel”; my basic preference is to not reveal bloggers’ kids’ names on here but to provide the link instead (so they can decide the level of public awareness they’re comfortable with). And here’s where she explains why they chose the name they did, and that they’re calling her Benny as a nickname.

You can be sure I’ll let you know when Simcha announces the birth and the name! (And Simcha — if you want any help — I’d be over-the-moon delighted to offer suggestions!) 🙂


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