Have you seen my “Baby Name Consultant” tab?

Check out the top of my blog, under the title, where I have those other tabs: “Home,” “About me,” “About this blog” — I added one for “Baby Name Consultant,” wherein I detail the way my crazy mind works when it comes to names and how my strange little interest might be helpful to any of you about to tear your hair out because you canNOT come up with a name for this baby! Or even if you’re not tearing your hair out and just want to air your ideas and get some feedback. Or whatever! Check it out and tell all your friends and family and neighbors — it’s one of my very favorite things God has allowed me to do through this blog. ❤

2 thoughts on “Have you seen my “Baby Name Consultant” tab?

  1. I so wish I had your help 11 months ago, haha! Our poor little girl had no name for 3 days after she was born, and it was getting TENSE! We succeeded in naming her (within 10 min of losing our chance before being discharged), but you can bet I will be back if we are blessed with more!

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