That old Hollywood feel I keep talking about

Over on the Baby Name Wizard blog, there’s a great article this week called Glamorous Baby Names Inspired by Old Hollywood. There are some goooorgeous names on that list, including Clara and Rita, both of which have been part of discussions here lately (here and here). I’m surprised that Stella isn’t on the list, not because I can think of a Hollywood Stella, just because it always has that feel to me. Ava makes the list, of course, and reminds me of a little girl I know named Ava Marie, named so because it sounds like Ave Maria. How pretty is that? And what a lovely idea!

Can you think of other names that you’d include on an Old Hollywood list?


2 thoughts on “That old Hollywood feel I keep talking about

  1. I love this list! I actually read it earlier this week and thought that Greta would be a great addition, a la Greta Garbo. I’ve been crushing on Greta lately anyway. It’s funny that you say that about Ava Marie because someone just told me about two weeks ago that they knew a woman growing up named Ave (pronounced just like in Ave Maria). I thought it was so simple, stunning and meaningful!


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