Great conversation!

I loved all your thoughts on sharing or not sharing names before birth! Thank you all for leaving such thoughtful comments! ❤

We do share our names ahead of time. I kind of love seeing people’s reactions, good and bad, to our ideas. Negative reactions don’t bother me too much, and sometimes I find them helpful. For example, when we were considering Oliver and some variation of Joseph for Boy #3, both my brothers, in separate conversations, were like, “Really? You’re okay with OJ initials?” Huh. We’d never once thought anything of the initials, but knowing that they meant something (negative) to my brothers gave us more information with which to make our decision. I’m totally fine with deciding to bestow a name that others might not like (and have, every time, since there’s always someone who doesn’t care for our ideas), but I really want to know what the objections are so that our name choice is a totally free one. I also really like educating others about names — the wrinkled noses at some of my faves have allowed me to teach others about those names, which I always find fun. I’m pretty sure most people I know never gave two thoughts to my unrequited name love Joachim before hearing about it from me.

Also, I’ve seen some people (online and in real life) choose names for their children that they didn’t share ahead of time, only to find out after the baby’s born and named that the chosen name had some horrible or unsavory significance that they didn’t know. Oof.

But I also totally get the not-wanting-to-share. So many people have thoughtless uninformed opinions on names, don’t they? And so sad to have the happiness and excitement of your baby-on-the-way overshadowed by negative chatter from those you love about the name you love for the baby you love. Getting opinions from strangers online — like here, or other name web sites — seems like a really good way to find out a name’s full impression profile without opening it up to criticism from friends and family.

Thank you all again! I have another busy day here — most notably because it’s my baby’s first birthday!! — but my post topics are starting to pile up — I have a lot of things to talk about! So I do hope to have some good meaty posts over the next few days. Happy Thursday to you all!

2 thoughts on “Great conversation!

  1. Aw, my baby girl turned 1 last week! Happy birthday to your little one. 🙂 Actually, this posted reminded me that I do share all our name ideas anonymously online, because yes, I want to hear that objective feedback and possible unforeseen problems (without the baggage of hearing a family member cringe at the name… with the exception of my sisters… we have one top name that we haven’t used yet that I know my twin doesn’t love, but, it doesn’t bother me).


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