Just a quick explanation

There have been SO MANY great great comments over the last couple days, from “longtime” readers and new (I know I know, no one knew about this blog til two months ago!), and I dearly want to respond to each one, but between my baby turning one (which I’m still trying to wrap my head around!) and this weird not-terrible but not-great cold that’s taking its sweet time making its way through my house, and my hubs texting me a little while ago that his stomach is feeling shaky, I’ve been off the computer and I know you all get it but I still just wanted to be sure you all know I’m not ignoring you or anything! I’ve read every single comment, and filed bits of info away in my head that might show up in later posts, because everything you all have to say — your opinions, your experiences — is so interesting to me. For 100% real. And now the baby’s napping and the other boys are having quiet time so I’m off to write the post I actually sat down to write. Check in again in a half hour or so!

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