Baby name consultant: Camp Patton’s newest camper

I’m beyond excited to have the great privilege of offering name suggestions to Grace Patton of the mom/fashion/style/lifestyle/humor blog Camp Patton!

There were a bunch of mama blogs that I read when my older kids were little, and then I took a break from blogs for a while, and then when I dipped my toe back in Grace’s blog was the first new one I started reading and I haven’t stopped. She’s a hilarious writer, and so so cool that I usually feel (1) old, (2) frumpy, and (3) bland when I’m reading her posts and flipping through her photos (which the younguns are calling “grams” I think? At least, that’s what Grace calls them) … but then she refers to herself as a “house mouse” and is blessedly free of the mother-this-way-or-you’re-not-a-good-mom bologna and says she loves shoes and chatting about baby names and that it’s important to her that she and her husband “stay in the saint family of names but I’ll be very honest and admit that I’ve liked a name and then Googled to make sure there is a saint by that name” and I think “soul sisters” and reconsider my aversion to painting my fingernails with the kind of super dark colors she rocks.

Anyway, Grace and her husband Simon have four born babies already, with these amazing names:

Julia Grace

Sebastian Xavier nicknamed Bash

Theodore Augustine nicknamed Theo

Phoebe Annika

Gender-surprise Number Five is due in June, and if you’d asked me before Phoebe was born what Grace and Simon’s style was I’d say Brideshead Revisited without a doubt and start making lists of names like Eleanor and Cora and Charles. Then Miss Phoebe was born and it’s very rare that I’m completely caught off guard by a couple’s name choice, especially if they have more than one other child (two or more gives a really good idea of name style I think, especially when they’re mixed gender), but I was totally blown away by the name they chose, both first and middle. In a good way of course! I loved it the second I read it.

But it really threw a wrench into my name ideas for the Pattons, because I’d been so sure I’d pegged them, and recalibrating my mindset is never an easy task. But recalibrate I did, for an embarrassing number of weeks (I do so enjoy a good name challenge, not joking even a little bit), relying heavily on my trusty Baby Name Wizard book (you remember — for each entry it lists other boys and girls names similar in style/feel/popularity), and came up with what I think are some good ideas. At least, if my children had the names of the Patton children, I’d be pretty happy using any of these for #5. As always, I shoot for three suggestions for each gender:


(1) Nickname: Lola

It may seem strange to start with a nickname idea, but hear me out: Grace has a style that pervades her whole blog+Instagram, from her fashion sense (for her and her kids) to her music to her interior design to her photographic eye to her funny turns of phrase, and it always strikes me as trendy — but not even close to being so in a bad way — more like, on point, like her finger’s on the pulse. Like how gifts from my similarly cool sibs are often the exact coolest thing that I didn’t even realize was the big new thing or that I looked at from afar and considered too cool for me. Lola strikes me as that kind of name. It feels kind of feisty but sophisticated, and though so far Grace and Simon don’t seem to love nicknameable girls names, they’re really into cool nicknames for their boys (I mean, Bash and Theo? So cool), so Lola kind of bridges what they’ve done already for their boys and girls. And Lola’s a traditional nickname for Dolores, which is Marian, which is always a great Catholic thing to do in naming.

What formal name would I suggest for Lola, you ask? Not Dolores, don’t worry! I have a few ideas, kind of quirky in that they’re not traditionally used as formal names for Lola, but they all strike me as hitting a right note somewhere in the Patton naming scheme. Basically, I tried for names/name combos that had L’s and long O’s so that Lola could be understandable as a nickname. Something like:

  • Violet Louisa (or vice versa)
  • Caroline Lucia (or vice versa)
  • Lourdes (do note that Madonna’s daughter is Lourdes nicked Lola, a surprisingly beautiful choice compared to other [life] choices she’s made)

Or maybe a Mary- double, like … Mary Aloysius. (Kidding!) (Sort of …) Or Mary Olivia, Mary Ophelia, Maria Lauren, even Marie Lorelei (if Lorelei had a better story, it would have been one of my top choices for the nickname Lola for the Pattons … as it is, doubling up with Mary makes nearly every name okay) … they could even do hyphens like the fancy French (probably Marie or Maria would work best?): Marie-Olivia or Marie-Olive, Maria-Ophelia, Maria- or Marie-Lauren, Marie-Lorelei.

If the Pattons like Lola, I know they’ll come up with an amazing formal name for it. Even if they hate Lola, I think Violet, Caroline, Louisa, Lucia, Lourdes, and Mary+[something amazing] are all pretty fab all on their own and fit well with their other kids’ name.

(Just for fun: Lulu also struck me as a fun nickname for them … like fashion designer Lulu Guinness [who was actually born Lucinda, also a possibility] … and I know of a friend-of-a-friend’s recently born baby named Lulu … really cute as a nick for Louisa or Lucia. Also, I love Lucy as a nickname for Louisa, so there’s that too.)

(2) Elisabeth

Elisabeth is long like Sebastian and Theodore, but classic and Biblical like Julia and Phoebe. The Z spelling is fine, and the one I’d likely use if I were to name a daughter this, but I’m loving the S spelling for the Pattons. (I’ve also been reading Elisabeth Leseur’s diary, what a wife she was.) It’s lovely just as it is, but you know I’m a big nicknamer and, again, thinking of Bash and Theo, I love the idea of Tess as a nickname for Elisabeth for them. Of course there are loads of other Eliz/sabeth nicknames that are awesome: Liddy, Libby, Bets(e)y, and Ellie are all favorites of mine.

Another name I almost had as one of my final suggestions for the Pattons is Esme, and I love the idea of making it a nickname for, say, Elisabeth Maria? It totally works!

(3) Felicity or Stella

I had a hard time with girls names for the Pattons, and I found coming up with a third suggestion was so hard I couldn’t decide between Felicity and Stella. I really like them both as sister names to Julia, Sebastian, Theodore, and Phoebe. I even really like Felicity following Phoebe — both starting with an F sound, but having different first initials makes it totally different to me. Felicity’s an amazing saint and it’s one of those names that just has a lot of Catholic cachet. And Stella — you all know how I feel about Stella. So Marian, so classy. I think I’ve been pushing it on nearly everyone who I’ve offered suggestions to. But yet again, I feel like it works here so well. Julia, Sebastian, Theodore, Phoebe, and Stella. Some parents prefer all their kids to have different first initials, which I do understand, and it certainly makes it easier to initial what’s whose (but harder too in a big family to find a whole lotta names that have no first-initial overlap), but like how Phoebe and Felicity both have their own first initial (even while sharing a sound), Sebastian and Stella seem so different to me because of the S- and the St-. That little T makes a difference to me, like S and St are totally different letters. (It’s a little weird here inside my namey head.)

(I also just can’t not leave here some of the names that I thought felt really close to being perfect but ended up deleting them for one reason or another: Penelope, Imogen(e), Genevieve, Iris or Ivy, Lydia, Corinne, and Liv.)


(1) Maximilian nicknamed Miles

I had a much easier time coming up with three boy names than I did with girl names. Sebastian and Theodore say to me: long, sophisticated, gentlemanly, and the very first name that I thought of was Maximilian. I love Maximilian (as is evidenced by the pseudonym I chose for my boy #5); St. Maximilian Kolbe is one of my very very favorites. I have my boy’s pseudonym nickname listed as Mac, which is an attempt at paralleling his actual nickname in real life, and was previously my favorite nickname for Maximilian, but then I read somewhat recently that someone was considering Maximilian with the nickname Miles and I thought I was going to die of name happiness. I just love an interesting nickname, and Miles is so perfect in my opinion! (If it’s helpful to any of the rest of you, that person considering Miles as a nick for Maximilian was also considering Milo, which I also adore … but not as a brother for Theo.) For the brother of Bash and Theo, I think Miles is awesome. For the brother of Sebastian and Theodore, I think Maximilian is awesome. And not that I’m suggesting middle names (okay I guess I did for Lola) (and for Elisabeth), but I would love a short middle for this long name and right now I’m loving Maximilian James. So handsome.

(2) Francis nicknamed Finn

Yes, I know, me and the nicknames. But the Pattons do nicknames for their boys! Really cool ones! And Francis nicked Finn is one I considered for my own boys, and I felt oh so cool when I thought of it. I’m just not a huge fan of the full Francis for everyday wear or the traditional Frank or Frankie (though my husband kind of loves Frankie, so Pattons, if you prefer Frankie, you’re in good [and normal] company). Francis is, of course, getting lots of Catholic attention because of il Papa, and it strikes me as also fitting right in with that upper-crusty Brideshead feel.

(3) Gregory nicknamed Rory or Gus

This is another one I considered for my boys. I mean, Gregory. As the BNW book puts it, “Popes, saints, and Gregory Peck! Can a name get any more distinguished?” Right? I totally one thousand percent agree. But then the BNW goes on to say, “Except you know he’ll go by Greg, which may conjure up Greg Brady’s bell bottoms instead.” Well we certainly don’t want that (unless such pants are the newest fashion, and if anyone would know, Grace would), and I really really think Rory can work as a nickname for Gregory. I love Rory anyway, and if the Pattons like it but not Gregory, I can also offer Robert nicked Rory. It’s got a formal Brit feel to me right now because of Downton Abbey, which totally works with the other kids’ names, and St. Robert Bellarmine was pretty cool, so that’s covered too. My personal preference would be to pair a name like Robert with a kicky middle, and my first thoughts here were Robert Benedict, Robert Kolbe, or Robert Bosco (Grace mentioned that she once considered Bosco for a first name for a boy).

And Gus? My personal thought is that any name that starts with a G could have the nickname Gus. Oh my, do I love Gus. An S- middle name could help make more sense of it, like Gregory Stephen or Gregory Solanus or Gregory Simon (great way to name after Dad!).

Well! Those are my thoughts on names for Camper #5! What do you all think? Have I hit the target or sailed into the trees beyond? Please leave suggestions — I know I would love to see your thoughts, and i’m sure Grace and Simon would too!

(Apologies if I used the word “cool” too many times in this post.)

138 thoughts on “Baby name consultant: Camp Patton’s newest camper

  1. Oh this is a fun post! I’ve got to say, though, your suggestion of Marie Olive did make me think Olive as a first would not be entirely out of place- Julia, Sebastian, Theodore, Phoebe, and Olive. But of course I’m a little partial to Olive at the moment.

    (I thought you’d might like to share in this goodness that I’ve been meditating on this Holy Week. From the beginning of the Consecratory Prayer (A) for Chrism at the Chrism Mass:

    “In the beginning, at your command,
    the earth produced fruit-bearing trees.
    From the fruit of the olive tree
    you have provided us with oil for holy chrism.
    The prophet David sang of the life and joy
    that the oil would bring us in the sacraments of your love.

    After the avenging flood,
    the dove returning to Noah with an olive branch
    announced your gift of peace.
    This was a sign of a greater gift to come.
    Now the waters of baptism wash away the sins of men,
    and by the anointing with olive oil
    you make us radiant with your joy.”

    Those last three lines! So good.)

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  2. I’m getting a strong early church vibe from her older kids’ names. Felicity and Lucy both fit that grouping quite well. I’d get tongue tied with two little girls named Phoebe and Felicity. Other names that come to mind in that category: Susanna, Cecilia, Agnes, Zoe and Lydia. For a fashion forward family that likes to nickname, Susanna seems like a particularly great choice. While many are familiar with the Biblical Susanna there is also an early Roman martyr by that name. I also love the story of St. Zoe who was martyred when discovered praying outside the grave of St. Peter. And for bonus points St. Catherine Laboure’s birth name was Zoe. My knowledge of boys’ name of Roman martyrs is weaker but maybe something will come to me later.

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  3. I love your suggestions. Due in 5 weeks, and we still haven’t settled on our little dude’s name. I have, Augustine Samuel, nicknamed Gus!! But hubby still not 100% on board. I love Gus to go with my George. This #8 is proving 1000x harder to decide on than any of our others!!

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  4. The suggestion of Susanna makes me swoon (admittedly, I pitched this name hard to Dh for our first). I think that early Church vibe does make sense. I also have always loved Lucia (alone or as a formal name for a Lucy). I like all the pronunciations, but especially love the soft “LOO-sha” which seems to complement Phoebe to me for some reason. And I never made the awesome connection of “Olive” with scripture… I have a new-found appreciation for this name now, and agree that it seems to fit with Phoebe.

    Maximilian James… love the flow of this. But Gregory stands out even more to me, especially with such great, “fresh” nickname!

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    • I am due with a little Olive any day now, and the name has really, really grown on me. There are SO many scriptural, sacramental, and even saint references (her patron is going to be St. Oliver Plunkett, thanks to a suggestion by Kate here!)

      If people aren’t into listening to my 20 minute explanation of how awesome of a name it is ;), I leave it with Psalm 128 that we used at our wedding:

      “Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
      within your home,
      Your children like young olive plants
      around your table.”

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      • I’m so glad you shared that Margaret!! I love that you’re naming her Olive, it’s so meaningful to you. And I’m delighted I could offer the St. Oliver Plunkett connection 🙂


  5. My new name crush is Perpetua, nickname Pippa or Peppa. I think it’s gorgeous and would be a fun, unique name. Secretly, I’d love twins named Margaret Felicity and Mary Perpetua (Maggie and Pippa!) Of course, people might associate it with Pippa Middleton…sigh.


  6. just want to say…Wow! You young whippersnappers are amazing! Reading the sanctanomina suggestions is like a journey through a theological linguistic historical kingdom built on the foundation of Jesus and His Church…our Church! (this is a wonderfully positive comment in case my wording fell short!) Then, to have comments referring to the Chrism Mass, Roman martyrs, St. Catherine of the Miraculous Medal, Augustines, Susannas, Perpetuas, the early Church…! Omgosh! This is such great stuff! Thank you all, and God bless you all, from an oldster who appreciates so much what you all have to say!

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  7. so on point! Loved all out choices for the Pattons! I especially loved Esme used as a nick name (it’s a name I’m trying to convince my hubs of should we ever have another girl!) and Miles for Maximilian is perfect!

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  8. I lurk-read The Camp and love her name choices – I was surprised by Phoebe for sure!

    I currently have an Anthony Jackson (“Jack” after a great grandfather), Lucy Grace and Della Marie. Potentials on my future-baby-God-willing name list are:

    Penelope Anne (my middle name too!)
    Eponine “Eppie” (no middle name yet – it’ll have to be saintly, haha)
    James Ephraim (and we’d call him Ephraim (or Effie – too Hunger Games-ish?) as my brother has a son named James already)
    Nolan Archer (oh, we are baseball fans for sure)

    But, if Grace likes ’em….she can borrow ’em 😉

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  9. Grey is actually a family name for us (I am starting to wonder if our family is just huge considering how often I see a family name here, lol), and I will forever love it, pop culture or no. For us, it’s short for Graham, however, I love the idea of pairing it with a saintly Gregory.


    • How many sibs/first cousins/nieces/nephews do you have? I love that you see family names on here a lot! It means your family has great namers. 🙂 So awesome that Grey is a family name, and as a nick for Graham is very cool! I agree with you — enjoy it!!


      • I have 6 sibs, there are 13 grandkids so far, and we have a lot of extended family due to divorce/remarriage. Grey/Gray actually belongs to a grandparent :).

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  10. So I came over here to suggest Liesl for a girl’s name, because, let’s face, Liesl is an epic name! 😉 My reasoning was that Liesl is the German form of Elisabeth, and so baby #5 could be named for Elisabeth Leseur who IS TOTALLY EPICALLY AWESOME. And then I saw that you suggested Elisabeth and you mentioned her diary, and so that solidifies it – girl name – Liesl for Elisabeth for Elisabeth Leseur. Great minds think alike 😉


  11. For boys names, I think Peter Simon would be cute – opposite of Simon Peter and throw in a nod to dad 🙂 Peter is also classic and sophisticated sounding, I think.

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  12. My girls are Carmella Carolyn (Carmie) & Viviana Helen (Vivie).

    I think a good boy name for the Pattons is Callahan Francis, you can call him “cal”.

    Bash, Theo & Cal.

    I think your having a boy Grace so no girl name suggestions plus girl names are SO hard!!!

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  13. I like your name suggestions. I like Miles all by itself better than short for Maximilian however. If I had a Julia, Sebastian,Theodore, and Phoebe my short list would be: Thomas (Tommy), Rowan and Alexander (Xander) for boys. Then for girls: Rosalie (Rosie), Gwendolyn (So many nick name options) or Cecilia.

    I love Penelope/Pippa but it’s so on trend right now… and I like traditional but unique. It totally just occurred to me reading this post that Phoebe’s initials are PAP which makes me giggle especially because of Simon’s career.

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  14. My current name crush is Pippa Rose for St. Rose Phillipine Duchesne. She’s the patron saint of my school where I met my bestie and also means “lover of horses” for my equestrian college bestie whose middle name is Rose.

    St. Talulla was an early Irish saint, a follower of St. Brigid. Brigid or Msura would be great saints too.

    I love Mary Virginia nicknamed Gigi or Beatrix nicknamed Bea.

    For boys, I love Ronan, Kieran or Finnian.

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  15. love those names! love this topic! I’m thinking she might also like Adelaide, Diana, Gemma, Ronan, Dominic, and Ignatius (nickname “Nate”). Some of those saints have June feast days, which I believe is her due date month :* also I believe she mentioned that her daughters have middle names that mean “Grace”, so if Patton #5 is a girl, maybe a middle name of Linette (Celtic meaning is Grace).

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  16. Ooh this is so fun! Have been an avid reader of Grace for years!

    I am not expert on Saints but 2 names instantly spring to mind that I think sounds beautiful with Julia, Sebastian, Theodore and Phoebe:

    Louis (pronounced Loo-ee not Loo-iss – could be spelled Louie for avoidance of doubt although I prefer the traditional spelling)


    Good luck Grace! Naming gets harder the more you have doesn’t it?! We certainly found so!



  17. Girl – Hannelore.
    Hannelore is a German female given name, which is a combination of two names:[1]

    Hannah, which means The Lord gives Grace.
    Eleanore, which means God is my light.

    Boy – Matthias


  18. We have a Penelope I considered nicknaming Lola but she turned into a Penny instead.
    One name I considered for this baby was Malcolm nn Mac/Mack. (that would be St. Columba)
    Also liked Damian for a boy.


  19. Fun post!
    I vote for a Rose, because I wish we had saved that one for a first name 🙂
    We sort of made up the name Maxson, in honor of Maximillian Kolbe – son-of-Max = Maxson, go for it 🙂

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  20. I really love Felicity or Violet for a girl or Francis for a boy and calling him Finn! Those names would go beautifully with the other kids!

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  21. And the video of boys names is coming out soon.
    The interesting thing you see from the video is that the name Mary, after being the number one name for almost 100 years, drops out of #1 in 1962 and within 10 years is completely out of the top 10.

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  22. My children’s names are Elin Grace (pronounced “eee-lyn”) and Declan James. Elin from my husband’s side (swedish) and James is my father’s name. Declan is an Irish name (if that matters). I also love Annabelle, Caroline, Preston and Micah. I guess we’re going to need to have more kids…..:)

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  23. Violet Louisa is my great grandmother’s name! And Cora Olivia is the name we have saved for our first girl (we are on boy #3). Secretly I would love to have twin girls and use both of those names then call them Coco and Vivi :D.

    I’m all for Stella, Liesl, and Felicity for a Patton girl, and Miles for Maximilian makes me swoon.

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  24. Visiting from camp Patton.
    I love your blog. Seriously!
    And I need to ask for a baby name consult… I just love how you come up with nicknames and first name and middle name combos…. Love it, love it, love it!
    I blog at


  25. Ah! Love this post (and your blog!). I love your suggestions of Caroline Lucia, Violet Louisa, and Gregory/ Gus. I also saw you mentioned Ivy- I know someone named Isabel Veronica nicknamed “Ivy” and I always thought that was so cute. And speaking of nicknames I’m reading a book about Queen Victoria’s daughters and am amazed at all the nicknames in the royal families of Europe (Victoria/Moretta, Alexander/Drino, Alexandra/ Alix, Amelia/Mimi, Frederick/ Fritz- to name a few). I guess nicknames just seemed like a modern thing to me. 🙂


  26. Oh I love talking baby names! I just told my husband that we need to have Felicity on the list for our next baby (not pregnant! ha!) but don’t know what nicknames we like with it. Louisa/Louise just crossed my mind, today, too, and I noticed that you had that–an alternative to Lucy. I keep trying to get someone to name a girl Frances… I love it, but it’s too close to my own name to use it. I wouldn’t have thought of Miles as a nickname for Maximilian, but I really like it. It seems like a good fit for a Patton boy. 🙂

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    • I have a Felicity, and I must admit it is not an easily nicknamed name. We give our children a second middle name of a saint whose feast day is on their birthday, and she ended up on a day with no women, so her second middle name is Finbar. We call her Fin on a pretty regular basis. Just remember that nicknames can come from middle names, too, so you don’t necessarily need to write off Felicity! It’s a lovely name.


  27. Love Francis (Finn) and Stella! I am also happy to see that Ellie is a nickname for Elizabeth. My daughter is Elizabeth Therese but we call her Ellie. I never saw anything official that Ellie was a nickname for Elizabeth but daughter my life!

    I love your love of nicknames, I think they are important!

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  28. We have Liam Elijah, Jackson Ian (after St. John the beloved), Matilda Mae (she was born sooo close to St. Matilda’s feast day!), Matthew James, Maximilian Thomas (Max), and Stella Maris (Our little Star of the Sea). We didn’t take into consideration how sibling names go together and I often call out all the “M” kids before I get the right name! ha! I’m so glad we Catholics have an awesome list of saint names to choose from. 🙂

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  29. Grace said over on her blog about this that she wished she’d saved some of their middle names for first names, to which I say “Why not still use them?” My name is Anna and my younger sister’s middle name is Ann after me. Then there’s brother John and younger brother with middle name Jonathan after him. It’s kind of nifty to have a younger sibling named after you and if you love the names, why not?

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  30. I get a very Shakespearean vibe from the Patton names (somehow I had myself convinced that Theodore was also a Shakespearean character). With that (and the saints!) in mind, my first name recommendations are Oliver, Edward and Alexander for boys, and Ursula, Isabel and Margaret for girls. Second names add another level of complexity!

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  31. so fun! A few popped in my head – George, Louis (loo-ey), Blaise (personal favorite of mine!)

    I really love Gregory/Rory too!

    A girl’s name I’ve liked lately is Zelie, after St Therese’s mother and a soon to be saint! But I’m not really sure how to pronounce it. Zelly? Zee-ly?

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  32. Boys: LOVE Lawrence (Laurie/Louis-silent s) goes so well with the boys-Sebastian, Theodore & Lawrence/ Bash, Theo, Laurie!
    Alexander (Xandie)- also works for Alexandria
    Hugo (Hugs/Huwie)

    Fave for a girl is Elisabeth due to the huge number of variations- Beth, Eliza, Lisa, Lisbet, Betsy, Libby… & on

    Charlotte (Lottie/Charlie)
    Mary/Maria (Mia)

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  33. i love the Pattons! i have girl suggestions, but i’m blanking on the boy names… so for girls i say: Agatha, “Aggie” and Cecilia! (which I have heard some ppl nickname that (pronounced but not spelled) like “seal”..”cel”?)


  34. Francis (called Finn) is so great for a boy!! For a middle name I personally like
    Francis Nathaniel
    Francis James

    For a girl, I just love Genevieve (this is my youngest sister’s name so I am a little biased). My parents intended her to go by Eve (which is so sweet!)… But she love going by Genevieve.

    Good middle names are
    Genevieve Marie (my sister)
    Genevieve Grace
    Genevieve Teresa

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  35. Since it appears I’m not going to have another daughter, I’ll suggest a name that I think will become popular soon. Zellie, after Zellie Martin (mother of St. Therese) who will soon be canonized. I think a Zellie Therese would be a beautiful Patton name.

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  36. My next girl is going to be Verity Anne, as I already have a Vivian Marie and Victoria Beatrice. I also love Libby as a nickname for Elizabeth, and Arabella as a great English name. Aurora could point towards a Rory nickname, too, which is pleasantly gender-neutral. Marie or Ann or Elizabeth can always be added as a middle name because I’m onboard with the saintly component of naming always!

    Boys, I go more traditional with Luke, Andrew, James. Although my son is Blaise and my next will probably be Kilian (my childhood parish), so I’d have to call my naming style the Obscure Catholic Saint variety with the man-children.

    LOVE Catholic naming!!!!

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