Humbled and thrilled and blessed beyond measure

You’re all amazing!! Grace Patton is one lucky lady to have so many wonderful readers who are willing to click over to another blog to leave their thoughts and comments about naming a new little baby, and that new little baby is so lucky to already be so loved and anticipated. You’ve all made my whole week, and Grace’s too I hope.

Some quick little housekeeping-type things:

  • I love every single email I’ve gotten asking for thoughts or suggestions for babies on the way! My answer is always — yes yes yes! I can’t tell you how much joy I get out of sitting down with my name books and my handwritten spreadsheets in order to tackle a name challenge — only a name lover could understand.
  • Though I always try to email back with my ideas within a week, I’m a wee bit backed up with all your wonderful requests, which only means that it might take me up to a month to get back to you. But get back to you I will! With a “report” exactly like the consultations I post here on the blog (in fact, those posts are the responses I’d already emailed to the family, revised/edited just a little to make them appropriate for here).
  • However, I only post consultations on Monday, so my Mondays are all filled up now until almost the middle of August. So great right?!!! You’ll love reading them all, as every single family who has emailed me has just the most amazing, beautiful taste in names. However — I always love for the families to get feedback from readers as well, since, despite my best efforts, it’s more likely than not that I won’t exactly hit the mark, and you all provide such great and thoughtful suggestions. But having Mondays booked up until mid-August means some of you may not be able to have your consultation posted before your due date. Which may not be a problem at all for some of you — maybe you’d rather it not be public! And that’s perfectly fine, there’s no requirement of public posting. When I email you back with my ideas/suggestions, that’s when I’ll ask you (1) if it’s okay if I post it, (2) what privacy controls you’d like, if any (like only an initial for your last name, that kind of thing), and (3) what date I’ve assigned to you for the public post if you’d like it.
  • With each of the emails, be assured I am taking into account the order in which the emails have been received as well as the due dates. In general, first come first served, but if there’s a very-soon due date — and I have gotten a couple — those will get bumped up as much as I think is fair and reasonable.
  • Please don’t let any of this stop any of you from emailing me! I’d much rather have a lot than none. And I can certainly work with any name emergency any of you might have. (Again, something only a name lover could understand.)

Finally, amidst all the Patton excitement is that I had a second article up at Nameberry on Monday! Check it out: Good-Intention Baby Naming. I’m still blown away that they’ve allowed me the opportunity to have a little of my name writing posted (all thanks to Abby at Appellation Mountain!). I’ve also added a new tab up above called “Nameberry articles,” with both my articles listed and linked to. I could just die typing that right now. 🙂

So basically, the moral of the entire story is: God is good. So so good. This blog has blessed me in more ways than you know, and I hope you’ve all felt blessed by it too. ❤

12 thoughts on “Humbled and thrilled and blessed beyond measure

  1. I was so excited to see your name on Nameberry again! So glad your blog is gaining steam so quickly; I love it and you are so thoughtful and full of faith! So refreshing. Keep up the amazing work!

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  2. Congrats! A friend of mine from church (who knows I love names) just emailed me and a link to your site. Word is getting around!

    Take care, Laura

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  3. Another name-nerd and new follower here… Hope all the love can convince you to post with greater frequency! I follow Swistle religiously, but am beyond stoked to find a faithful Catholic name blog! (And I’m always psyched to find another mama with tons of boys.) God bless!


    • Thanks eclare!! How many boys do you have? I’m so glad you’d love more from me! But once a day’s the best I got!! That’s what I shoot for (except Sunday) — I gave the Patton post a couple days so it was the first thing people saw when they clicked over here from there, but otherwise look for your daily name post!


      • Oh, sorry, I understood you to say you post once a *week* which is definitely not enough, ha ha!

        And I “only” have 4 boys, so far (Mark, Abel, Simon, and Arthur).


      • Ah! Haha okay! I only post the name consultations once a week because they take so much time, but otherwise I try to put at least some fun or informative name thing up each day … very handsome names for your boys! An all-boy household is so fun right?


  4. Aaah, jealous of all those who are ready for a name consult. 🙂 Baby fever over here, and there is nothing I enjoy more about a new one on the way than pondering the name. But reading the consults is so fun – I am glad we have many to look forward to on the blog!

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  5. Hi there,
    I am expecting our sixth child (girl) the end of August and we’re having a hard time deciding her name. Here are the names in our family already:
    I am Kristen Elizabeth and my husband is Daniel Roger,
    Joseph Daniel
    James Gregory
    Timothy Michael
    Norah Catherine
    Paul Augustine.

    So here are some ideas so far: Anna Margaret,
    Anna Cecilia Margaret
    Anna Kristina Margaret
    Anna Marie Margaret
    Margaret Cecilia
    Lilianna Margaret

    Just so you know, my husband’s mother’s name is Sheila (Irish for Cecilia), and her mother’s name was Margaret whom my husband was close to. My mother’s name is Ann Marie (middle name Margaret).
    There are so many beautiful names! Thank you for any suggestions (by the way, we also had Lola as a nickname in mind).

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      • Thank you! Since writing to you, my husband and I like Margaret Anna Kristina Carriere (with nickname Mae or Maesie). The “Anna Kristina” combination means graceful Christian, I found on the internet, and Kristina gets my name (Kristen) in there, and Margaret is a strong name on my husband’s side of the family. What do you think (when you have time!)? We still have three months 🙂
        Thanks again,


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