Little Man Enloe!

I posted the Enloe Family’s name consultation back in February, for their second baby due the day after Easter, and I’m so delighted to share the good news: their little boy was born this week! Mama Amy writes:

Well, our SON was born this week after a crazy and fast 3 hour labor.

Although we almost choose the name James Magnus (to be called mostly by his middle name), we ended up going with:

Martin Kane Enloe II

His dad’s name, only with “the second” added on the end (not Jr.). We will call him Kane. As with his big sister Kristy, we found MANY reasons to use this name, with lots of tradition, meaning and some religious/Catholic connections. 🙂

– Grandpa is Martin Craig and goes by Craig, Dad is Martin Kane and goes by Marty, [the baby] is Martin Kane and will go by Kane. So, while all have the same name, they don’t and it eliminates the confusion and keeps individuals. Grandpa goes by his middle name so it’s like emulating him.

– If you are going to do the Jr. thing, traditionally it should be with the first son.

– We liked the sound/look of II/the second better than Jr. But this is also my way of attributing a name to St. John Paul II. Plus he is our second child.

– Cain was the first born son int he Bible, he is our first born son. In addition/related to this…

– …While pregnant with my first I started reading the new testament aloud to her, a chapter daily. I sadly dropped the practice at about 9 months of age. But I happily picked it up again towards the end of my pregnancy with him, after he could hear me in utero. I finished up the new testament, but for the bulk of our daily ‘Bible stories’ he has been listening to Genesis. The Beginning, where Cain comes in.

– I considered Martin __ (something) and going by the middle name with our first born. I don’t really like the name Martin, which is why I wanted to do that. With this one my husband brought up that he still liked taht idea but preferred his name. I have to admit, I have always liked the ring of his full name and am proud that is my husband’s name. It’s great and built for life. So I reconsidered Kane and the last weeks of pregnancy felt/wondered if that was his name.

– It matches Kristy in sounds, feel, and time period (in my mind). Seems like siblings names, but not the same number of letters/syllables to be too matchy matchy. Although, I don’t think we will name our next with a K, especially as it puts 3 K’s in a row – KKK, no. But anyways, all their cousins have 5 letters in their names, I like that she has 6 and he has 4. I also like that it doesn’t have a y ending as our family is heavy with that – Marty, Amy, Kristy, Lucy and Buckshot (the last two are dogs). Sounds right all together. Marty, Amy, Kristy and Kane. It is also a common/normal name, but not one often chosen now, just like Kristy.

– Other things about the name I like – I got a chance to use a more unique spelling (although I do like the Cain spelling too). You can’t really make a nickname out of it, something I prefer. And my first daughter has my middle name, and our first son has dad’s middle name.”

Isn’t that a great name story?! I love all the connections that are so meaningful to them — family, including a namesake for Dad; faith, including all the biblical connections and even JP2. And Martin Kane Enloe II is such a handsome name! Congratulations to Marty, Amy, Kristy, and Kane!!
Martin Kane

9 thoughts on “Little Man Enloe!

  1. I forgot one more reason. It’s less significant. My husband and I meet doing Kung fu. It was the theme for our wedding. In the old tv show “Kung Fu” the characters name is Kwai Chang Caine and goes by Caine, if I remember right. Kind of a silly, fun connection after the fact, he is not really after that 🙂


  2. I love the Saint connections! I know a little one who is a JP, Jr., but I can’t resist calling him “JPII” :). Reminds me a little of your explanation here.

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