Little Miss SHAN-ick!

The SHAN-ick Family’s name dilemma was one of the first I posted — they were good with their boy pick, but were having trouble with a girl’s name. I’m delighted to announced that they did indeed have a girl! And what a beautiful name they chose! Mama SHAN-ick writes:

I wanted to thank you again for your help and let you know that we had (drumroll) a girl! And we ended up naming her Rosemary Therese. She was born … after a very (blessedly) fast labor! I’ve attached some pictures: one from her birthday and a more recent one. 🙂

We pronounced Therese as “ter-EZ.” She’s named after Mary, obviously, and St. Therese of Lisieux. Rose is also a reference to St. Therese as well as Mary the Mystical Rose, and we’re getting to know Rose of Lima better now too. We haven’t talked about nicknames but we find ourselves shortening it to Rose and Rosie.

We’ve gotten great reactions to her name! It seems like it’s unique enough because although it’s very traditional it isn’t super popular right now (at least not among people I know!) We love it. She is so very Rosemary!

THANK YOU again! Your help was really wonderful.”

Isn’t Rosemary Therese just a gorgeous name?? Congratulations to the SHAN-ick Family on the birth of their beautiful baby girl!!
Rosemary Therese

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