Saints’ names at Nameberry

Abby at Appellation Mountain posted 12 Amazing Saints’ Names (that may shock the priest) over at Nameberry a couple days ago. I didn’t expect to be surprised by any of them, but there were a couple unfamiliar to me, including Endellion, which one of you had suggested for Grace.

If you were making a list of saints’ names that fit Abby’s criteria — “names that are downright stylish – as well as spiritually significant” — what would you include?

3 thoughts on “Saints’ names at Nameberry

  1. On the island of Inis Mor, in the West of Ireland, tradition holds that over 120 Saints are buried on this tiny Irish island.
    The most well known, seems to me, is St. Enda, but the saint that might go along more with Abby’s style, I think, might be St. Brecan (Irish spelling Bhreacain)*…nickname — Brec?


  2. oops, forgot to indicate the asterisk meaning…there is an accent on the o in Mor and on the last a in Breacain. My keyboard does not seem to respond to the usual process of putting the accent on a letter.

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