Please help this family

Maybe you’ve read about the Rogan Family already? Their story has been shooting around Facebook and their Go Fund Me has passed the halfway mark toward the goal of $500,000 in just three days. This is the kind of story that resonates with all of us; the kind of thing that makes you say Oh Lord or Dear God or Hail Mary and nothing more because, Dear God, the immensity of this tragedy, the similarity to so many of our own families and circumstances. It leaves you breathless to even consider what they’re going through.

From the Go Fund Me description:

… Mike and Niki Rogan, were driving to the hospital early this morning [4/17/2015] with their seven children, in anticipation of welcoming an eighth child into their beautiful family.

On the way, an oncoming car hit a deer which was thrown into the Rogans’ vehicle.  Mike did not survive the accident. Niki and the children survived with only minor injuries. Niki gave birth to their son, Blaise, hours after the accident … Niki is a stay-at-home mom and homeschools her children who range in age from newborn to 15 years, and is left with providing for her family aided by only a minimal life insurance policy.”

God works in ways we cannot fathom, we know this. And still … Dear God.

If you can contribute to this family, I’m sure they would be so grateful.


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