Baby on the way: Prince or Princess, and Predictions

My Dad sent me this article yesterday — Naming Royal Baby No. 2: Could Princess Diana Factor in if Kate Middleton & Prince William Have a Girl? — so you know that Royal Baby Watch has reached a frenzy, if my Dad’s seeing Royal Name posts and sending them to me. I thought it would be a good time to re-post my name predictions (I originally posted this on September 9).

Sancta Nomina

Will and Kate are having another baby. The internet is already atwitter with predictions for names, like last time:

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The Royal Name Game: 10 Potential Names on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s List

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Kate Middleton’s Baby Name Predictions From the Expert Who Picked ‘George’

But, like last time, I just can’t get too into it. Royal baby naming is so different than regular baby naming, don’t you think? I mean, it seems that they only choose from a certain pool of names, which I’m not interested enough in to even figure out what that pool is. (So says the mom who won’t stray outside of Catholic saints when naming her children. But our…

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12 thoughts on “Baby on the way: Prince or Princess, and Predictions

  1. I don’t have any boy name preferences but would love to see Diana included as a middle name (mainly because it’s my name). One of our potential girl name shows up a lot as a possibly which I hope they don’t use, don’t want it to become too popular!!

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  2. I too can’t muster a lot of excitement over royal baby name predictions. Maybe because *everyone* is speculating, and it seems kind of futile to guess since (like you said) they have different “formulas,” so I’d rather just wait to see what they announce. I just wanted to share this tidbit from a Catholic home schooling mom who moved into a new Catholic home schooling community recently.. I thought you would appreciate how the Catholic subculture can skew the popularity of certain names: “Everyone has a kid named Maximilian, John [often Paul], or Benedict. It’s kind of funny, but I guess that is what happens when you get a bunch of Catholic families together.”

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    • Yes! It’s funny — there are a whole list of names that are pretty common in the Catholic community (specifically like the one you mentioned) that are not so common elsewhere. Like Kolbe, Felicity, any variation on Karol … it’s so cool, I love it! But it must be jarring if you’re not expecting it!


  3. Yes! Gianna is another one. My mom (not even Catholic and doesn’t know the Saint) suggested that one for us repeatedly, and I finally had to explain to her that although it feels rare, it is really trending among my friends. She was shocked! It will be interesting to see what the royal family chooses.


  4. Can’t say I even thought about it till you mentioned it, but Diana to be included for a wee princess would be so lovely and so important to her Dad…as would any Spencer Family name. Love your choices! God bless Kate in her delivery!

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  5. It will be interesting to see if they use Diana’s name in their new baby’s name. My impression is that Diana was v. unpopular w/ the queen and that whole side of the family and Diana’s legacy is still a touchy subject? Of course I’m basing that almost entirely on the movie, The Queen. 🙂


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