Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!!!

Look at those classy kids getting Charles, Diana, and the Queen all in one name. I bet every detail of that full name was a decision, and I’m sure the family is so pleased at the final result. And I’m so happy for Will that he’s got his mum in there!

8 thoughts on “Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!!!

  1. One of my friends is so devastated about the name! 🙂 She is 6 mos pregnant and had chosen Charlotte for the baby if it is a girl. She said she can’t use it because now everybody is going to be naming their daughters that.

    It is a very pretty name, for a princess or not 🙂

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    • Oh no! I would say, use it anyway! Charlotte’s rocketed up the charts in recent years — it’s super popular, with or without the princess, which your friend must have known, right? Or maybe it’s just too close to the princess’ birth … I get not wanting to look like a groupie. It is pretty — my hubs’ fave girl name. 🙂 I prefer the C/Karol- versions of feminized Charles — like your littlest! 🙂

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      • Yeah, she does NOT want to be a groupie. It is pretty popular recently, but not AS popular as she is sure it will be now. I do prefer the K’s as well 😉 But, I recommended she use Charlise (SHAR-leese) instead. It is similar but not the same. Guess we will see who comes out and what they decide to do!

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  2. Ah, Charlotte was high on my list as well even though it is super popular. But now… it just screams groupie. Especially as I am due in just 6 weeks.


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