A prince is born!

I haven’t been able to connect with the mama of the consultation scheduled to post today, so instead I’m going to blog about the baby prince!

Several people texted and messaged me today wondering what my prediction of his name is, so I felt I had to put a stake in the ground:


This was decided upon after discussing with those much more in the know than I (including Abby at Appellation Mountain). We’ll see!

If you’re interested, here is my post predicting the name of baby no. 2 (who turned out to be Princess Charlotte), and the birth announcement post I did for her.


14 thoughts on “A prince is born!

  1. I would love Frederick! Also, I have read so many comments listing Arthur Philip James (or some combo) as guesses for the new prince’s name- super curious to hear what his name will be!

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  2. Sorry in advance for the novel, I’ve been thinking way, way too much about this and clearly needed to get it out somewhere. Feel free to just completely and utterly ignore!

    I really love Albert, but Prince Albert is a rather unfortunate slang term – I think Albert is out for British princes for a while. Also I think the Cambridges seem to like slightly softer sounds in names – can’t imagine them loving Bertie (the go-to nickname for royal Alberts).

    I honestly think Arthur is the only approved choice that also seems to fit their taste. William does have a second cousin called Arthur though – Arthur Chatto – so that may be a point against. Other choices have similar problems – Henry, Frederick (Lord Frederick Windsor, but also another one I think is too harsh). Apart from Albert though the only other unused “usable” names are John, Alfred.

    I’ve heard (royal reporters, so ymmv) that Kate wants James, and it would fit their style, but I think there are just too many James’s (Jameses? James’?) in their family – not only her brother, but her brother in law (James Matthews) and William’s cousin Viscount Severn is technically also Prince James, though not styled as such.

    My hope is that, especially since he’s third, they pick a name that hasn’t been used before for a prince in the British Royal family, (but is still traditional) like Thomas, Joseph, Nicholas,(I think Oliver would be very much their style, but if British royals and Catholics can agree on one thing, it’s hatred of Cromwell) if only to broaden the range of names allowed. So many of the Hanoverian/ Victorian royal family names are still popular for girls but more niche/ unlikely to be used for boys – Octavius, Leopold, Ernest, Augustus, Adolphus (!!!) , vs Amelia, Alice, Helena, Sophia, Mary. Plus, the Windsors have tended slightly towards more boys, meaning they really are running out of names.

    My other outside hopes are a name from Scotttish Royalty, like Malcolm or Robert, or the Saxons – Edgar, Edmund (a king and a saint! We should all be pulling for Edmund really)

    Which is all to say, I think the above guess of Arthur James Francis (Or my preference, Arthur Francis James) is about right. 😉

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