Nicknames: Boethius/Boëthius

Someone I know was musing about the name Boethius for a boy, and she was trying to think of nicknames besides Bo.

At first I thought it was said “BO-thius,” so Bo seemed like the most natural nickname. I thought perhaps also something like Boze?

Then I saw online that Boethius (aka St. Severinus Boethius) was sometimes spelled Boëthius, and that means the “e” is pronounced, right? I’d verify that except my boys are asking for lunch, so I’m just going with the idea that it’s supposed to be said “bo-EE-thius,” and Bowie immediately came to mind. I also thought something like Boethius David could lead to Bede (I’m always trying to get Bede in there as a nickname! Haha!). Or, maybe something like Boethius Nathaniel for example could be Ben.

Finally, I thought Theo would work, which I thought was really cool.

What about all of you? Can you think of any other possible nicknames for Boethius besides Bo, Boze, Bowie, Bede, Ben, and Theo?


19 thoughts on “Nicknames: Boethius/Boëthius

  1. I have to admit Boethius David can only make me think of David Bowie, which could be good or bad depending on your opinion of 80s glam rock/classic pop.

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  2. I like the BO- thius version. It actually works much better than a similar name my husband has decided he likes AND it would work quite well with the middle name that has been chosen for the next son.

    Thanks for the great post! 🙂

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  3. I do not actually know this as I’m not familiar with this name, but just looking at it, I would have assumed it was pronounced “bee-thee-us” (silent o). Or even “beth-we-us”. However, the umlaut does lead me to think it might also be “bo-EE-thee-us” as you suggested. That makes me think of Prometheus.

    I like Theo as a nickname!

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