Baby name consultation: Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas!

You guys! I’m SO EXCITED to post today’s consultation! I know you’re all familiar with Haley Stewart from the blog Carrots for Michaelmas and podcast Fountains of Carrots — she and her hubby Daniel are expecting their fourth baby! Haley’s been struggling with hyperemesis gravidarum (please keep her in your prayers!), so I’m extra happy to provide this little fun little bright spot for her.

Their little green bean (=gender unknown) 🌱 joins big sibs:

Benjamin Daniel
Lucy Elanor
Gwen Stellamaris

Which are amazing names, all of them. I love the handsome Benjamin (who I understand is only and always Benjamin, not Ben), and Lucy and Gwen are the sweetest! And those middle names! The Tolkien Elanor and the Marian Stellamaris! 😍😍😍

Haley writes,

So we’ve been brainstorming baby names for baby #4 (I’m 14 weeks, so we’ve got another 5 weeks before we find out the gender).

We are pretty settled on a girl’s name, but not the middle name and not quite settled on a boy’s name.

We do tend toward names from the British Isles because of the Scottish last name.

For a girl we both really like Evangeline. (nickname Eva)

Other favorites have been Rosemary Catherine (after Our Lady and Catherine of Siena, shortened to Rosie Cate — which I like despite it’s sugary southern feel.)

Other favorites;
Marigold, Felicity, Genevieve, Mairwen, Dorothy, Margaret (shortened to Greta–and after my mom Margot), Magdalena (Lena), Marietta (Etta), Josephine, Imogen(e), and Beatrice (or Beatrix).

Middles we like are Catherine, Carole (after Daniel’s mom), Elizabeth, Anne, Jane, Alice, Miriam, Aurora, Ivy, Violet, Daisy, Helena/Helen, Rose, Mary

For Boys we aren’t in 100% agreement. While I’ve typically been the one that pushes for more “out there” names, this time Daniel is the one pushing for unusual names. I think I can get on board but … I’m not quite there yet.

Daniel likes: Beowulf, Cynewulf, and Merlin for first names. I could live with any of these and I do love the idea of calling a little guy “Wulfie.”

I like:

Sebastian Luke

St. John (Sinjin) — Daniel likes this one, too, but everyone thinks of St John Rivers from Jane Eyre and that’s probably not great and no one will pronounce it right. But … LOVE

Joseph Romero after St. Joseph and Bl. Oscar Romero

Arthur — This is probably my favorite. I think it sounds great with Benjamin and it’s a classic.

I also love Gilbert (Gil) but Daniel has vetoed this one — MAYBE I could sneak it in as a middle.

Middles we like: Solanus, Luke, Joseph, Anselm, Romero, Ignatius, Kolbe, Gawain, William, Seamus, Basil

Oh! And Daniel came up with a few more names he likes (that miraculously don’t have the syllable “wulf” lol):
Llywelyn, Beorn, Abel

I should preface my thoughts by saying Haley and her co-host Christy had invited me to be on their podcast two years ago, in which I offered name ideas for both of them for future babies, so I listened to it again as research for this post — I refer to it quite a bit below. (If you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommended it! It was so fun to listen to again!) Also, Haley loves literature and frequently writes about Austen and Anne and so forth, so I loved including literary names as well.

So first off, I love Evangeline nicked Eva. When I was doing my standard research in the Baby Name Wizard for Haley (you all know that, for each entry, it offers boy and girl ideas that are similar in terms of style/feel/popularity), I looked up both Evangeline and Eva for inspiration, and loved seeing that Lucy is a style match for Eva, as is Lena (on Haley’s list as a nickname for Magdalena) and Clara (Haley mentioned in the podcast that Clara was a contender for Gwen’s middle name). And I love that Evangeline is long like Benjamin. I think Evangeline/Eva is great for this baby!

I also love Rosemary Catherine nicked Rosie Cate — Haley mentioned it in the podcast as well, and I loved it then and still do! It’s funny because I think Haley must be more sensitive to the southern influence, being that she lives close to it — for me, being from the northeast and living here my whole life, my first thought when hearing double names isn’t southern (though I know it’s certainly a thing down there) … maybe more like Irish? Like Mary Clare, Mary Kate … actually I guess the Mary doubles are what I’m mostly thinking of, which always make me think of Ireland. But for me other double names have that similar feel too, especially if they’re sweet names like Rosie and Cate. They also have a sophisticated feel to me — like country-club-pearls-and-cardigan. Which, comes to think of it, is kind of my idea of “southern” too! Anyway, all that to say, I love Rosemary Catherine/Rosie Cate and I wouldn’t not use it because it feels too southern (but Haley — and many of you — would know better whether that would be an issue or not).

I love Haley and her hubby’s other favorite girl names too, there are so many great ones on their list! As for middles, I tried playing around with Evangeline with some of the middles on their list, just to see which ones I like the best (not that it matters what I like!). My favorite combos, based mostly on how they sound together, were:

Evangeline Elizabeth (long, but they sound so pretty together I think)
Evangeline Alice
Evangeline Aurora (wow)
Evangeline Rose

I also like the idea of double names with Evangeline … like Evangeline Rose –> Eva Rose; Evangeline Catherine –> Eva Cate; Evangeline Elizabeth –> Eva Tess (I think I saw Tess in a list of Elizabeth nicknames only once, but if Betty and Tetty are both traditional nns for Elizabeth [they are], and so is Bess, then it makes sense that Tess would be. Elizabeth/Tess is at the top of my own list).

For their boy ideas, I’m totally blown away by Daniel’s list! Beowulf, Cynewulf, Merlin, Llewelyn, Beorn, and Abel! Truly, it’s almost always the moms who have the more adventurous taste, I’m super impressed with Daniel’s outside-the-box thinking!

In fact, it was so outside the box that I wasn’t quite sure where to start with research for them. None of Daniel’s names are included in any of my name-matchmaking resources (I used and the Name Matchmaker on in addition to the BNW book) except Merlin, Llewellyn (that spelling) and Abel (which I love as Benjamin’s brother). I did sub in Bjorn for Beorn, just to have some additional ideas, but of course most of them were Scandinavian, which didn’t turn out to be terrible — there were a couple that I thought really felt like their style, like Freya for a girl and Torin for a boy, but mostly I tried to stick to names that were at least Celtic/British, if not specifically Scottish, in my official suggestions below.

One of the things I was also surprised by with Daniel’s list is how not-Catholic the names are (besides the biblical Abel). Which is totally fine! But I did try to think of names with maybe a similar feel that had a faithy connection, and the only one I really came up with as sort of similar (in spelling anyway) to Beowulf is Boethius, aka St. Severinus Boethius — he was a philosopher some of my readers have mentioned from time to time, which prompted me to do this post. One of those readers had actually decided on Robert Boethius for her son, but she ended up having a girl (whose got an equally amazing name).

As for the names on Haley’s list, Sebastian Luke has been a longtime fave — she mentioned it in the podcast. Great combo. Haley’s right that St. John will never be said correctly, but I have to say that my primary association isn’t Jane Eyre but Four Weddings and a Funeral! I asked my husband too — he’s the one who introduced me to Brideshead Revisited and loves all those BBC productions like Jane Eyre, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, etc., so he’d definitely have a sense of whether a name is too tied to a Bronte character, and he also didn’t remember St. John from Jane Eyre! So I’m thinking maybe the Jane Eyre association isn’t as bad as they think. But definitely yes to lots of pronunciation issues. If they can’t get past that, it would make a smashing middle name! Pronunciations don’t matter so much in the middle.

Joseph Romero’s awesome, and Benjamin and Joseph are great brother names, being that they were brothers in the bible!

Arthur’s great. Benjamin and Arthur together are great.

Haley raved about Gilbert/Gil in the podcast too, but she said her hubby disliked Gilbert and hated Gil even more! Gah! We also talked on the podcast about Gabriel, which Haley said she liked, but she didn’t care for Gabe — I’ve often liked the idea of Gil as a nickname for Gabriel, which I would totally push for Haley except that Daniel doesn’t like Gil!

I love all their ideas for boy middle names too!

I know Haley said they’re set on Evangeline/Eva, or possibly Rosemary Catherine, and if they decide not to do either of those they have an amazing list of other girl names they like, but there were some names that popped up in my research that, like Freya mentioned above, just felt like their style. I didn’t spend a huge amount of time on girl ideas, but I did just want to mention these few here before listing my boy ideas:

(1) Zelda
Zelda’s a style match for Merlin per the BNW, and it screams “literary” to me, never mind that it’s got the cool Z initial.

(2) Naomi
Biblical like Benjamin, it’s also a style match for Daniel’s Abel. Naomi’s gorgeous! And I love her story in the bible.

(3) Edith
St. Edith Stein is one of the best, and her name’s a match for Arthur. How sweet is the nickname Edie??

(4) Annabel
Given that Haley specifically mentioned their Scottish last name, and Annabelle’s a style match for Evangeline, I thought it was worth pointing out that Annabel is actually a Scottish name! A variant of Amabel, which points to Our Lady!

(5) Iona, Isla
Iona’s a match for Llewellyn, and like Annabelle I thought it was worth a mention because of its specifically Celtic feel (St. Columba founded a monastery on the Isle of Iona). Ditto for Isla.

As for boy’s names, I basically just tried to find names that I thought would bridge the names on Haley’s list with those on Daniel’s, hopefully coming up with ideas that they both might like. This is what I came up with:

(1) Wilfrid
It was Haley’s love of the idea of calling a little guy “Wulfie” that make me think of Wilfrid. There’s a mom on a name discussion board I follow who has a little Wilfrid, and Wolf is his occasional nickname, so I thought Wilfrid could combine the “wulf” aspects of the names Daniel loves with the St. John/Arthur/Gilbert names on Haley’s list — I think Wilfrid could fit in well with them, and in fact the similar sounding Willis was also listed as a style match for Gilbert. AND there are a few Sts. Wilfrid!

(2) Malcolm
I had planned to listen to the podcast again anyway, to see if there were any ideas in it I’d missed, but I was particularly compelled to do so when I was doing my research (I did all of it except the podcast first) and saw Malcolm in a list of Celtic names I was looking through. It felt so familiar, like I’d already suggested it to Haley, but it wasn’t in the podcast so I wonder where I got that feeling? Anyway, as soon as I saw it I thought it felt like a really good suggestion. Not only is it a good Celtic name — Scottish, in fact — but it’s got a great meaning: “disciple of St. Columba.” (Compare this to a name I reference on the blog quite a bit: Miles, an anglicization of the old Irish name Maelmhuire, meaning “disciple/servant of the Virgin Mary.” Malcolm is from the Scottish Mael Colium.) Mac would make a great nickname for a Malcolm!

(3) Roald
Roald is a style match for Bjorn, but despite being a Norwegian name of course we know it as the British author Roald Dahl. I don’t know if Haley and her hubs like Dahl as an author or not, but with Cynewulf in play I didn’t think anything was out of bounds to suggest! And Roald is a bit more Arthur than Cynewulf.

(4) Tavish
This was in the same list of Celtic names as Malcolm, and I totally had Scottish names on the brain, so I thought it was a fun suggestion. It’s the Scottish form of Thomas!

(5) Giles
What’s more British than Giles? Though it sounds different than Gil, Gil was my inspiration for it. On the podcast Haley had said, in response to my suggestion of Henry, that she and Daniel had been talking about George, and that Henry and George have such a Brit feel, especially with the last name Stewart. Giles fits that to a T! There are a few Sts. Giles.

(6) Magnus
Also on the podcast, Haley said that at that time John Paul Ignatius was Daniel’s favorite name, which added to my surprise at his current list. But Magnus — a style match for Bjorn and a name on the Celtic list as well — might be a way to nod to St. John Paul the Great (and other Greats: St. Gregory and St. Leo, as well as even St. Maximilian Kolbe if they want, since Maximilian and Magnus share meanings) in a new way, and in a style closer to the names they both have on their lists. Since they have Carole on their girl middle name list for Daniel’s mom, they could consider using a male variant like Karol/Karl/Carl as a middle name for Magnus and have it refer even closer to St. John Paul the Great (since his birth name was Karol — the Polish form of Charles). (Magnus Karol/Karl/Carl is also Charlemagne’s name reversed, which may or may not appeal to them.)

(7) Sinclair
Of course you have to know this was almost 100% inspired by St. John. It’s got a similar sound and also refers to a saint (St. Clare), but in a much easier way spelling- and pronunciation-wise. It’s also a style match for Llewellyn, and Haley said in the podcast that she loves the name Clara. So maybe?

(8) Felix
I was pretty aware of the fact that several names I thought they might like are also the names of children of fairly well known mamas in the Catholic world (e.g., Naomi — Ana Hahn; Edith — Rosie Hill), and Felix is one such (Jenna Wilber and Arwen Mosher, to name two), so I know that might reduce its appeal, but there weren’t too many names that were style matches for more than one name on Haley’s and Daniel’s lists (except for the Leo/Henry/Oliver names, which is where their girl style tends to lean), but Felix was a match for both Eva and Merlin. So I thought I had to mention it!

(9) Tristan
Tristan is a style match for Sebastian and Gavin (in place of Gawain), it’s literary, and it can be bestowed it in honor of Our Lady of Sorrows. I love it!

(10) Oisin/Ossian
Interestingly, Ossian was listed as match for Bjorn, which is a variant of Oisín — which was included in the list of Celtic names. It’s definitely out there and has some pronunciation issues (o-SHEEN is, I believe, the correct way to say Oisín, and O-see-en for Ossian, and Forvo concurs [here and here], as does, but I’m sure some people would come up with “Ocean”). I see the evolution of the O names happening thusly: Oliver was a big hit for a while, then became overly popular for some people’s tastes; then Owen; I’m currently seeing Otis and Oscar more and more; so using Oisin/Ossian might be getting in on the ground floor of The Next Big Name.

(11) Gareth/Garrett
This is my last idea, and it’s inspired both by Haley’s mom and grandmother’s names (Margot and Margaret), as well as the fact that Gareth and Garrett have a Celtic feel. One of you shared about a family with a devotion to St. Margaret of Antioch, so they named a son Garrett in her honor (so similar to Greta on Haley’s list). I love that! And Gareth was on the Celtic list, and Margarethe is a German and Danish form of Margaret, so Gareth definitely still works for Margaret and Margot.

I think I’ll stop at eleven ideas! But I thought these posts might have some additional ideas that are similar to those Haley and Daniel might like:

And I’m assuming it wasn’t their favorite, but my idea of Jonathan with the traditional Brit nickname Jonty from the podcast is still one of the ones I love for them!

And those are all my ideas! What do you all think? What do you think about Haley and Daniel’s ideas for girl names? What name(s) would you suggest for the little brother of Benjamin, Lucy, and Gwen?


49 thoughts on “Baby name consultation: Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas!

  1. For the nickname of Eva, which pronunciation would they use? We have an Eva (pronounced Éva-the Hungarian form of Eve) and have actually had people try and correct us on how her name should be pronounced!!!

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    • I have an Ava ( pronounced with a long “A” at the beginning) so when I see Eva, I think it should be pronounced with a long “E” at the beginning. But that’s just me:-)

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      • Yes that’s me too. Eee-va. And all the Eva’s I know are with a long E. I think that’s the standard pronunciation in the US. I do think Hitler’s wife was Eva pronounced Ava though.

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      • Yes, standard pronunciation in the US is Ee-va. My husband’s family is Hungarian so we went with Éva (Ey-va. I have also met an Eh-Va).

        Évas are Éva Gabor, Éva Herzigovina and yes Éva Braun.
        Without the accent, most people pronounce it Ee-va. But my husband told someone her name was Éva and gave the spelling and the person replied, “oh you mean Ee-va?”.

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  2. I was thinking Wolfgang, too!! Some friends just used “Amadeus” as a middle name, which I think is AMAZING but they’re probably not big enough music nerds to use “Wolfgang Amadeus” 😉 “Rosie” definitely seems more Irish to me as well, double names only seem southern to me when the second name is Bob/Jane/Jo/Sue.

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  3. I think Arthur is so great for them, especially if they decided to call him “Bear” occasionally as a nickname – though nn Bear has its own associations in the south (Bear Bryant, haha) that maybe aren’t ideal unless you’re a huge Alabama football fan…

    I also thought of Gavin when I saw Gawain on their middle name list, though maybe that means they prefer Gawain to Gavin.

    Bjorn/Beorn is so great!! I knew one when I studied in Germany and idk maybe it seems kind of out there in the US but I think it’s awesome.

    For a girl, most of the ideas I really like are in line with the ones they’ve already identified – longer, feminine name with a short and sweet nickname. Annabel really fits in with those, I think. I’m kind of a sucker for family names so I think Margaret/Greta is adorable!

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      • ALL the bear-derived names!!
        Actually, I took this as an opportunity to search on behindthename for “bear” meanings and came up with a few that might actually go with their style(s): Adalbern/Alfbern, Bernard (I actually love this, haha!), and Orson, in addition to Bjorn, Arthur, Beowulf, and a few that were too close to Benjamin 😉

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    • Another vote for Arthur. I wish I could use this name, it’s a family name for me and you don’t hear it much anymore. Art is a nice masculine nickname too. Alas, it doesn’t go well with our surname 😦 I’d love to hear it again on little ones though!

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  4. Love that you made the OL of Sorrows connection with Tristan. I would think Daniel may like it with it’s connection to the legend of Tristan and Isolde.

    For a girl names, we have Beatrix “Beasy” Evangeline on are list. Maybe they would consider that combo since I saw both names mentioned in opposite positions. I really like Beatrix Regina as a double nod to Mary as well and considered the nn “ Queenie.” We’re in the south so it **would** fly. It’s oddly connected to our homeschool too, OL of the Bees, so that’s a funny plus for us.

    I wonder if Marigold Josephine is one set they’ve looked at since Joseph was on their boys list. It is two hard hitting patrons with the possibility of the double name nn of Mary Jo. Marigold Evangeline is another combination that jumped out at me, where Evangeline is used as a replacement for the more usually middle name of Elizabeth. It also reminded me of another flower name, Azelie, that they might consider as a middle name. We ended up switching from Eliza Jane to Azelie Jane after my daughter was born.

    Hope these ideas help!

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  5. Oh, I forgot! What about George to bridge their styles regarding boy names? He’s a Saint and has the Arthur-esque, dragon slayer legend connection in The Faerie Queene. They could use Joseph as a middle name there. We have a George Maximilian Joseph and the older 5 call him Joe.

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    • I don’t get the sense that Daniel’s list is *actually* inspired by Scandinavian-Germanic-ness, but if it WERE, maybe Jurgen/Jorgen (a form of George)? 😉 Haha

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  6. I have to admit, I was taken aback by the husband’s recommendations for boy names given the names of their current children. As a brother to Benjamin, Beowulf and Cynewulf are so completely different I would assume it’s a second marriage. So, I would caution against using them if that assumption would be unwelcome. Merlin shares many sounds with Benjamin, so that would put it out of contention for me.

    I love all Kate’s boy name suggestions. They nicely bridge the desire for an adventurous name with the names of the existing children.

    Evangeline is beautiful with the sibling set.

    Best wishes.

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  7. Can you explain the link between Tristan and OL of Sorrows? Fascinating. Love this analysis – I’m partial to Felix or Arthur. They just go so well with the other three! Also, Edith Catherine could be Edie Cate. SO CUTE, the lot of them!

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  8. I love Evangeline! My cousin used it for her daughter and I am so happy they did. She usually goes by the full Evangeline, but her friends and immediate family call her Eva, which I find so sweet.

    I love all the names that have been suggested and would like to add Simeon, Xavier, Bosco, Caleb, Edmund, Nathaniel, Duncan, Desmond or Ronan.

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  9. Boy name: Ulric! It’s a saint name (St. Ulric’s feast day is July 4, and he’s one of the patrons against birth complications) and, according to “Behind the Name,” it is a “Middle English form of the Old English name Wulfric meaning ‘wolf power’.”

    I love both Evangeline and Rosemary for girls! Rosie Cate is adorable.

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    • In a previous comment I mentioned searching for Bear names on behindthename – the search for Wolf names also had a lot of great ones! (Maybe that’s what you did, too 😉 )

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  10. I’m based in Scotland and really like Haley, so this post excites me! I think Evangeline Rose is a winner, but I also really like Evangeline Quinn for some reason. It would balance out Gwen Stellamaris quite nicely. I can’t help but suggest Margaret Cora to honour both grandmas, or Cora as a way to get to Carole in general. Evangeline Cora!

    For a boy I love Ossian! It’s the only name in this list that I actually hear around Scotland (Iona and Isla are also super popular). It’s a bit out there but definitely doable (I know brother Ossian and Colum, btw). I really love that Benjamin Daniel is a double biblical, so for a little brother I would keep that up. Joseph is such a nice combo with Benjamin. Gideon maybe? It’s a bit like Gilbert and Beowulfe right :)?

    I love Sebastian too, but maybe not with their last name. Arthur is super cute. Can I suggest Alastair? It’s Scottish (well, Alasdair is), a bit out there but also just a form of Alexander.

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  11. Otto, Oscar/Oskar and Rufus might bridge the style gap between parents. All have saintly namesakes.

    Magnus has more direct saintly references too – there are quite a few St Magnuses, including St Magnus the Marty. That particular Magnus was an Earl of Orkney (in Scotland). Orkney was under Norse control for some time (as were other parts of Scotland) so there’s a lot of Norse influence there.

    Rafe/Ralph/Ralf could reasonably lead to the nn. Wolf/Wolfie, too. There is a St Ralph. And I mentioned Wulfram & Wulfstan in another comment, but forgot St Wulfric!

    And, a bit of a bold suggestion: Caedmon (CAD-mon) – for the first Anglo-Saxon poet. St Caedmon is said to have learned composition in a divinely a inspired dream and composed a number of hymns. Pronunciation might be a problem – in Old English (the Anglo-Saxon language) ae is always pronounced like the ‘a’ in cat, but I can imagine people saying ‘CADE-mon’. Still, I think it would make a lovely middle.

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  12. I love this consultation, and Haley’s my favorite blogger! Rosemary Catherine is to die for! I think Haley’s brother is named Garrett, though, which I’m assuming would knock that name out of consideration. Of course, that connects his name to his mom/grandma, which is amazing

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  13. Has anyone mentioned Thorfinn yet? It sees a fair bit of use in the Shetlands (if I remember correctly) because of the proximity to Scandinavia. Sort of bridges the gap between Dad’s Middle Ages warrior favorites and Mom’s contemporary taste.

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    • I think the ‘unexpected Finns’ would be good compromise names. If they don’t like Thorfinn’s Thor association, there’s Finbar, Fintan, Finnian, Finnegan, Griffin…
      I also think Torin, which Kate mentioned in passing, is quite a good suggestion. Torben is Norse, but Torin is generally agreed to be Irish (meaning chief), and has a medieval/fantasy feel that might appeal to Daniel.
      Or the Welsh (unisex) name Tarian, perhaps: it means ‘shield’, which reminds me of the shields of the Trinity and St Michael, and of the lorica tradition (the Breastplate of St Patrick, etc).
      I’ve got to stop commenting so much on this thread – I’m finding this one rather fascinating!

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  14. I love many of the names you suggested. Just to throw these out there, when I read Scottish influence, I immediately thought of Andrew for a boy (patron saint of Scotland) which seems to go with Benjamin and can be used more formally (Andrew rather than Andy) similar to Benjamin. I also like Gawain for a boy, if they are going for Scottish and literary, although I am admittedly not sure of the pronunciation of it. Then I also thought of Margaret, another patron saint of Scotland and, of course, thought of the traditional Scottish spelling of Margaret which can be of several variants-Maighread or Mairead, which is what one of our daughters is named. Best of luck finding a name!!

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  15. For a girl, I think Claire would be great to complement the other names’ meanings:
    Lucy – light
    Gwen – white
    Claire – bright
    For a boy, maybe Frederick?

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  16. This may not be exactly their style (or flow), BUT is just too cool of a Catholic connection not to mention…
    Evangeline (Eva) Nova
    Nova Eva is Latin for New Eve and a title for the Blessed Mother!

    (Side note: love Arthur nn Bear!)

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  17. Double names definitely fit with Irish! I have two double-named Irish lassies. (Katie Rose and Martha Claire)

    I vote for Giles St. John and Eva Clare.

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  18. Now that they know the baby is a girl, I’ll only chime in with my favorite girl’s pick for them, and it was the combo of Evangeline Aurora that you mentioned, Kate. I also think Eve or Evie would be great nicknames to go with their other girls’ names. (Maybe more so than Eva.)

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  19. Haley and I must have similar taste in girl’s names. My daughters have 2 of these names and several of the others are on our list for possible future girls. So fun!

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