Birth announcement: Winifred Esme!

A mama I did a private consultation for last year, for a baby yet to be conceived, has let me know that she has, indeed, had a new baby and given her the gooorgeous name … Winifred Esme!

She writes,

I consulted with you last year about a hypothetical honor name after my mother who passed away suddenly. We conceived soon after that consultation and we decided to name her the name that my mother loved, Winifred Esme. While it’s not an honor name in the sense that others hear it and know that it’s after my mother, I do think of her every time I say it, because she loved it so much! So, in that way, it honors her very much.

Thank you so much for your amazing suggestions, which started many a conversation between me and my husband, and also colored our list of future baby names as we go forward.”

Isn’t that such a wonderful name story? It’s such a great example of one of the many ways to honor someone through your child’s name, and the fact that this mama thinks of her mom every time she says her baby’s name is just perfect. ❤❤❤

Little Winifred joins big sibs (with equally amazing names!):

Clementine Eloise
Gilbert Henry
Beatrice Eulalie

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Winifred!!


Winifred Esme with her adoring siblings 💕


21 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Winifred Esme!

  1. Winifred is such a cute name! Do these little ones go by nickanames? Because I’m thinking Clem, Gil, Bea and Win make a lovely sibset 🙂
    And I also love their theme for middles: E for both initial and last letter.

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  2. I could not click over here fast enough to express how much I LOVE the name Winifred and wish my husband shared that love! What a beautiful name with so much character for a beautiful girl!

    Their whole family is named in my favorite style of names though – I love each one! Beautiful job parents! 🙂

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  3. I think Winifred Esme is a absolutely prefect match for the sisters Clementine Eloise and Beatrice (Gilbert Henry also matches in time period feel for me). I didn’t even notice the middles all start with E too, until Mary-Agnes pointed it out. One question though. I am not sure how to pronounce Eulalie…

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      • I like you-LAI-lee, that’s how I will say it. If I try to say you-LA-lee I always end up saying you-lily, which I am not sure is right. Plus, I just think you-LAI-lee sounds prettier, to me. 🙂

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    • We pronounce it you-LAY-lee or you-LAIL-ee! I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone else pronounce the name either, so I’m not sure if we’re doing it correctly, but to me it’s such a Southern name and that pronunciation seems the most Southern to me, ha!

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  4. My daughter’s name is Winifred (she’s 10-years-old) and I found this blog simply by Googling her name. Her best friend’s name is Esmae. I love both names!

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