Another prayer request

Thank you all for praying for this morning’s mama — if I get an update and she gives me permission to share it, I will!

I have another prayer request — one of our longtime readers, Joanna, a real-life dear friend of mine who I also posted a birth announcement for when she had her sixth baby, had a terrible scare recently when she had her first diabetic seizure in the nearly twenty years since her diagnosis; it left her mouth and tongue chewed up, and both her arms dislocated. Her husband has wanted to get a diabetic assistance dog for a while, and this incident has sped up their plans. It’s an expensive venture, and Joanna’s family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help defray the cost. If any of you are able to help financially, I know they would be so appreciative! Joanna also has to have surgery on her arm in the near future — you all know how hard these things are to manage when you also have little ones to take care. She’s been posting updates on her blog, if you’d like to follow along, and prayers are very welcome and needed. Thank you all! ❤


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