Birth announcement: Edith Therese!

Can a day get much better for name lovers than TWO birth announcements?? Today’s a happy day!! A mama I did a semi-private consultation for (semi-private because I did post one of her questions here to get your feedback) emailed me to let me know her baby has arrived — a girl! And she has been given the amazingly beautiful name of … Edith Therese!!

Mom writes:

Pleased to announce that Edith Therese was born on 8/19 at 6 lb 11 oz and 21 in long. Had she been a boy we would have gone with Robert Boethius (nn Bo). We are so in love!!”

Ahhh I’m just dying over her name!! It’s so sweet!! And even though this birth announcement is all about Edith, I can’t help but swooning over their chosen boy name too. This Mama and Papa know how to NAME!! Congratulations to them both and happy birthday Baby Edith!!


Edith Therese


9 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Edith Therese!

  1. Edith Therese is my favorite of ALL the birth announcements you’ve posted! That is just a gorgeous name! (Also I’m biased as my next girl baby will be either Edith or Iris with the middle name of Maria Therese!)

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  2. […] I love Zoe(y) too, and Savina’s cute too … Benedicta’s great, but Bennett … Isadora, Imelda, Edith, Agatha, Leona/Leonie, and Millicent are all a great bunch of names! And I actually don’t think of Leonie and Millicent as old lady names anymore — I have a cousin who’s 14 named Millicent/Millie, so it stopped being an old lady name to me ages ago, and while I know an old lady named Leona, I’ve only heard Leonie on more recent families wanting to honor St. Therese’s sister, so it too has a more youthful feel. And Edith’s coming back! I know a bunch of families who have considered it, and at least two who have named their babies Edith (here and here). […]


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