Birth announcement: Adrian Leo!

Remember the five-syllable firstname-middlename(s) combo consultation of a couple of weeks ago? The Little Mister has made his debut! And his amazingly handsome name is … Adrian Leo!!

His mama writes:

It took us almost 24 hours to decide but we both absolutely love it now and are so glad we took our time and went with something not on the original list! Lol. The three we were down to were Aidric Sylvester, Adrian Leo and Liam Sylvester … Adrian is more traditional and familiar like our other boys, yet not so obscure that most people have heard it. And the way our Henry says it is precious! I love it more each time I see it written or typed!

In addition, it’s a family name.  My grandma’s 2 baby brothers were Adrian… the first died very young, the second had a family but died of a heart attack when in his 60s … Grandma was so touched when I called to tell her the name! And grandpa (Sylvester Leo) was hilarious and said he was so glad I didn’t use Sylvester. Said it’s an awful name and he has way too many syllables. He’s so cute!

Sorry for the book. Ha! Thanks again so much for your awesome input! Couldn’t imagine thinking through things without your help!! 🙂 🙂 “

How amazingly perfect is his name! What with all the family connection, and even getting Grandpa Sylvester in there via his middle name Leo. And Adrian Leo is SO saintly and papal and I canNOT stop swooning about it!

Great great job Mom and Dad! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Adrian!!


Adrian Leo


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