Birth announcement: Annalise Rose!

I posted my consultation for the D Family’s sixth baby back in April, and the mama just emailed me to let me know the baby has arrived! She writes,

It’s a girl! Annalise Rose was born May 27th & weighed 8lbs, 11oz. Our older daughter is absolutely thrilled to finally have a baby sister!

We picked Annalise Rose for a few reasons~ after St. Anne, we had visited her shrine a shortly before she was conceived. Rose is short for the Rosary in honor of our Lady & that she was born in Mary’s month of May. Rose is also in honor of our favorite saint- St. Therese.

My husband’s favorite girl name is Allie, so her potential nickname is Allie Rose.

Lastly, the name Annalise means consecrated to God & graced with God’s bounty.”

What a gorgeous name!! I just love it, and all the meanings behind it, and that they were able to sneak in Dad’s fave nickname Allie — that is some GREAT nicknaming!! (I’m also feeling pretty tickled that my last suggestion for a girl in my post was “Some form of Anne”! 🙂 I didn’t suggest Annalise, but I did suggest Susanna, Christianna, Gianna, Anne, Anna, and Hannah, so … I was kinda close!)

Beautiful beautiful job, Mom and Dad D.! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Annalise!!


Annalise Rose

4 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Annalise Rose!

    • In a weird twist, Mom was just telling me the other day — right before I got Annalise’s birth announcement email — that she’s recently come across the name Annalisa and liked it. How funny! (It’s probably St. Anne saying hello to all of us!) 🙂


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