Birth announcement: Lucia Grace Maria!

A reader emailed me to let me know the name of her little girl — it’s so beautiful, and packed with meaning! Alison writes,

Our second baby, (first one that I held in my arms, miscarried the first) will be 6 months old on the 10th. Her name is Lucia Grace Maria. Named after St.Lucy, full name Lucia of Syracuse … we chose Lucia after Saint Lucy … St. Lucy was the patron for my husband on the retreat where we met which played a big role in his conversion. Also because her name means light and that’s truly what she is brought into our family. [She’s also] named after Lucia who Mary appeared to at Fatima.

And her middle names, I always want two. And every girl we have will have Mary honored in some way and her name. [Our Blessed Mother] has had such an influence on my husband and I in [our] relationship with the Lord — the first time we went to Mass together was on a Saturday [all Saturdays are dedicated to Mary] … the first trip we took was on the Feast of the Assumption, we picked out our engagement rings on the presentation of Mary, we got engaged on January 1st the feast of Mary the Mother of God, and we were married on August 22nd the Feast of the Queenship. So we figured the least we could do was to honor her by naming our daughters after her. And Grace because that’s what we received when the Lord gave us another child. We lost our first to miscarriage and named her Noel Marie [miscarried on Christmas eve].”

What a blessed little girl Lucia is to have all those wonderful names!! And her big sister Noel Marie was so lovingly and carefully named as well, a perfect name for a Christmas baby. Thanks to their mama for sharing the details with us!!


Lucia Grace Maria


4 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Lucia Grace Maria!

  1. Beautiful story of Lucia Grace Maria! Little Noel Marie is your special advocate in Heaven — always praying for you all. Please little Noel Marie, pray for us, too.
    After I had suffered a miscarriage of my Baby, I sought consolation from a dear Priest who is my Friend (deceased now, God rest him). He proceeded to tell me there were no babies in Heaven…Cheesh, I really needed to hear that??? But he was a very old Priest and he went on to tell me that my Baby was full grown and beautiful as was intended all along. So the good Father was trying to be consoling even though it was a rocky start to the conversation. 🙂 So, much as I have to admit I am not convinced there are no Babies in Heaven, I got his point and have embraced it fully. I can easily burn that candle at both ends…because I know our Loving God has it all taken care of perfectly!
    Welcome little Lucia Grace Maria! Your life is very blessed!

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