I’m backed up on a couple of things (including a few consultations — they’re coming!!) so my quick post for today is:

— I heard on the radio today an ad for a festival at a local parish called St. Adalbert’s, and though I’d never heard it said (I’ve never been to that church) I’d always assumed it was said AH-dul-bert, but the radio guy said ah-DEL-bert, which surprised me. I just looked it up on behindthename and they have the former pronunciation listed. Do you think the radio guy just didn’t know how to say the name? Or have you heard Adalbert said with the stress on the second syllable?

— I saw today a local woman whose given name is Mary Lourdes (love love!), and she goes by Mary Lou. Makes me wonder how many other Mary Lous might really be Mary Lourdes, or named after a Mary Lourdes? My husband had an aunt who went by Lou, and her given name was Lourdes. I’m thinking updated nicknames might be Lola (a la Madonna’s daughter Lourdes nicked Lola. I admit, I love it, the whole thing) or Lulu. I also have a soft spot for Louie on a girl — I have a cousin whose name is not anything like Lourdes/Lulu but my mom nicknamed her Louie years ago and it stuck — I love it, maybe mostly because it’s so affectionate? I don’t know if little Lourdes at My Child I Love You goes by a nickname? I just love seeing Lourdes as a name.


6 thoughts on “Namespotting/hearing

  1. My great aunt was a nun named Sr. Adalbert. The way she pronounced it, and everyone else, is the phonetic way you stated. AH- dul- Bert. I wish we used this as a middle name for our first son. Maybe next time. I almost never hear it!

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  2. Love Lourdes but I think of Madonna’s daughter first unfortunately. It was the first time I had heard it as a name and the association has stuck with me all these years.

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