Nicknames: Ways to get to Sy/Cy

I’ve been seeing the nickname Sy pop up here and there recently, which has reminded me that I know a boy nicknamed Cy, and it’s kind of stuck with me — it’s feeling really cool to me, and a nice way to manage a heavier or very long given name.

I really liked the suggestion of Sy as a nickname for Sylvester, Silas, Simon, Cyrus, and even Cedric. The Cy I know is Cyril I think, and this suggests it as a nickname for Seymour and this suggests it as a nickname for Josiah. Another possibility is Sidney.

What do you all think of Sy/Cy? Do you know anyone called this, and if so what’s his given name?


21 thoughts on “Nicknames: Ways to get to Sy/Cy

  1. I couldn’t think of anything for Sy or Cy, so I looked around in Irish places and found Sydney is an old popular Irish name (male or female, I think they said)…so, sy could work there… Also, wait till you see this!…Sadh/Sadhbh (gotta love these spellings!) is pronounced Syve!
    Another great spelling thing is (not related to Sy, though)…are you ready…saoirbhreathach! 🙂 sounds like serv-ra-hack…means noble of judgment…old name that has lost popularity…I wonder why 😉 these tidbits were found at

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  2. Love this post. *wink*

    There’s also Si, which always surprises me in name books, because it feels much less like a name to me, whereas Sy and Cy feel like a whole name on their own. (To me.) Si would be the logical spelling for Simon and Silas, but again I prefer the switch to Sy.

    Our Sy is named after Simon of Cyrene… but it never occurred to me that we could have spelled it Cy to tie-in the Cyrene part. Hmm.

    So Cyrene is my addition: If Vianney and Clairveaux and Gethsemene can be names, why not Cyrene/Cy?

    Here’s a great list, including Sykes and Sylvan.

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  3. I normally don’t care for place names like London or Montana, but I seriously love Clairvaux, Vianney, and Cyrene is a great addition @eclare!!!

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  4. I have a brother-in-law who is Cyril. His name was chosen as a tribute to his dad and two older brothers. Their initials in order are C-R-L hence Cyril. He goes pretty exclusively by Cy. Infact, when nieces and nephews started to be born, he said he didn’t want any of them to know his name was Cyril until they were old enough to not call him “cereal” LOL 🙂 Love that kid! He was only 6 when he first became an uncle, so I am sure he is over that concern now.

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