Apartment Therapy names

I’ve seen the Apartment Therapy site referred to a million times in name posts on various sites, and while I’ve not gotten into myself, I did love perusing its recent posts on the names that appeared in the last year. Check out the boys’ list and the girls’ list, there are some real gems. There are some great offbeat-ish (dare I say hipster?) Catholicky Catholic names on there (Leo, Oliver, Xavier, Colette, Gemma, Maite et al.), but the one that really jumped out at me was Julip — it’s not often I come across a name that I’ve never seen before that I actually really like, but Julip was definitely one. It made me think of a cross between tulip and julep with an echo of Juniper, really intriguing (though not what I would consider Catholic).

What were your favorite names on these lists? Are you an Apartment Therapy fan?

8 thoughts on “Apartment Therapy names

  1. I’ve never heard of this site actually! I’ll have to go take a look through it later!

    I love Santiago! It’s such a cool, interesting name. It also reminds me of the Camino di Santiago, in Spain, which was the thing that solidified my faith (I did the last 111 km with a group of 8).

    Elizabeth Juniper is a really interesting combo on the girls side. I like the combination of classic first name interesting middle name.
    Also a huge Colette fan. I’ve met about 3 since coming to university (which is a Catholic university).
    Frances is another favorite of mine! Totally because of Papa 🙂

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  2. Am I the only one who loves “Poet”? Actually, her entire name caught my eye! Not sure I could use it (for fear the child might not grow up to be gifted with words, haha), but I just love it anyway.

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  3. Those 2 lists had a higher concentration of nice names than any other such list, I bet! I am a fan of the small spaces eye candy (probably since I am a super-minimalist living with a bunch of moderate people who see less value in getting rid of everything 😛 )

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