Happy Labor Day!

My oldest was born in September, and my baby shower was right around Labor Day, so you know there were all the Labor Day jokes and even my cake said, “Happy Labor Day, Kate!” 😀

My little blog has felt a little like a pregnancy — months of growing and changing and developing — and I was so excited to see that I passed 100,000 page views yesterday! I started this blog last June, but didn’t have any real readers besides my mom (ever faithful) and one of my closest friends until January, when I posted ideas for Simcha’s baby. And then — whoa! So I’m fairly confident in saying nearly all of those 100,000 page views happened between January 8th and yesterday. I know that’s small potatoes compared to some of you amazing bloggers, but it’s way more than I’ve ever seen in any of my blogging efforts (I’ve had a couple others). And it’s all because of all of you!! So thank you thank you, again, for helping me create this sweet community, I’ve loved every minute of it. ❤

I’d long looked toward 100,000 views as my personal benchmark for upgrading the blog to a custom domain, and I did so this morning, so while you will still be able to get here via sanctanomina.wordpress.com, I’m now the happy owner of sanctanomina.net. A small thing but a big thing I think, as it seemed so far in the future when I set that goal, and now here it is.

I’ll be posting today’s consultation in a bit, and otherwise I hope you all have a great day!

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