Funny pronunciation video

I linked to this a while ago, but my mom sent it to me recently again, and since one of my new capabilities since I upgraded is embedding video, I wanted to try it out. The recent birth announcement for Molly Róisín made me think of it — the pronunciation of Róisín is discussed/demonstrated (hilariously!), as well as a bunch of my other (admittedly difficult) faves (from YouTube).

12 thoughts on “Funny pronunciation video

  1. Hilarious. It’s shocking how much my Sean gets called “seen”. I really like his name a lot, and I think the name and the spelling suit him well, but I’m so hesitant to use an easily mispronounced name for one of our children.

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    • Do you know, I didn’t even know until recently that ANYone would say SEEN instead of shawn/shahn for Sean?? That’s so crazy to me! Before that I would have totally put Sean in the “easy to pronounce” category. Relatedly, I’m sort of baffled that Shane is an anglicized form of Sean — does anyone say “shane” for Sean? Does anyone see Shane and think it’s pronounced “shawn/shahn”? So weird!


      • I’m always so surprised when people pronounce Sean wrong! I thought it was common enough that people would know how to pronounce it. Though, I’ve kind of decided you just cannot win with names when it comes to spelling and pronunciation anymore. My name (an English word that’s a very common name) got misspelled by the pizza place I was ordering from the other day! Grayce is not and never will be a good spelling, lol.

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  2. He reports that is has gotten better over the years! As a child, he said it was almost always seen, but he says it has dwindled a bit as an adult. He says Shane is almost never picked as the pronunciation. He’s gotten Sea-Ann, which seems to make more sense to me than Seen? But who knows!

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  3. Hahahaha! To be totally honest, though, um I wouldn’t intuitively guess a lot of them if I hadn’t gone to visit friends in Co. Cork, one of whom was one of 7 kids with traditional names except….ZOE! The lucky thing is these days if you’re wondering there are a gazillion sites with pronunciation audio and I looked up Gaelic names a few years ago and then I looked up Marie-Azelie more recently. I know how to pronounce it, but without hearing it, my French accent is less than impressive 😉

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  4. Haha, this reminds me of the plight of my Hispanic mother-in-law who got called NY-nuh all through her childhood (her name is the oh-so-difficult “Nina”)


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