Birth announcement: Molly Róisín!

Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary — what a wonderful feast day for all of us here! And in honor of Our Lady, it’s perfectly fitting that this is the birth announcement I have for today:

Back in June I posted a “not-too-difficult Irish name needed” consultation for Jenny from Irish by Marriage — the baby has arrived! Jenny writes,

Molly Róisín is a week old today. We are so thrilled with her name. Thank you so much for your help! It is the perfect balance of everything we wanted.”

Molly Róisín!! Ahhh!! It’s such a beautiful beautiful gorgeous Irish Marian name!! For those of you not familiar, Róisín is Irish for “little Rose” and the one Róisín I’ve known said her name ro-SHEEN so I assume that’s the universal pronunciation. Lovely!! One of my very favorites of the Irishy Irish names.

Congratulations to Jenny and her husband and Molly’s big sibs Caitlin and Sean, and happy birthday Baby Molly!!


Molly Róisín


12 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Molly Róisín!

  1. Thank you for clarifying the pronunciation– I’ve only seen the name printed, and just *knew* it couldn’t be similar to Raisin, but that’s where my brain kept going.

    Lovely final choice.

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  2. […] Another nickname idea for Rosalie Caoilfhinn, which may just complicate things rather than make them easier, is Róisín, said ro-SHEEN, which I like as a nickname for this combo because it kind of takes a little from Rosalie and a little from Caoilfhinn sound-wise. It’s an Irish name meaning “little Rose” and was used as a middle name by this family. […]


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