Birth announcement: Ronan James Eugene!

Yes! It’s a two-birth-announcement day!!

I posted the consultation for Theresa and her husband back in May, and it was particularly fun because, as she’d said, “Boy names are so much harder! … I don’t really know what boy names [my husband] likes. I don’t know if he knows … He doesn’t like names that are super specific to any ethnicity (Seamus, Carlos, Giovanni) or most Old Testament names (Noah, Elijah, Isaac) or names that are gender neutral or feminine sounding. If you can find a boy name we both like, I will be amazed!

Though I wasn’t able to come up with a name her husband would go for, Theresa herself discovered the elusive name, and just emailed me to let me know their son arrived last week — Ronan James Eugene! She writes,

If you remember, we were having a particularly hard time with boy names, so of course, in early June, we found out we were having a boy. We had a difficult time deciding. We eventually landed on Ronan James. I saw Ronan somewhere on a list of names for people who like Patrick (got that idea from you), and I liked it. Once I found out that there have been several St. Ronans — I was sold. My husband took a little more convincing and time but eventually agreed. James was because we both like it, and I feel like it goes with everything, but mostly because my husband’s Great Uncle Jimmy died this year and we thought it would be a nice tribute. So we were all set … then in September, my father passed away after a very long battle with MS. His name was Patrick Eugene. Since I already had a Patch (Roy Patrick III) for my husband and father-in-law, we decided to add Eugene to Ronan’s name for my dad. Ronan James Eugene was born on October 30. Thank you for all your help, and I love reading your blog.”

What a perfect name! I particularly like that one of Theresa’s favorites had been Finnian, and Ronan seems really similar to me, and one of her husband’s favorites had been James, so putting the two together, and then adding in Theresa’s dad’s name, just ties everything up in a handsome little package.

Congratulations to Theresa and her husband and the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Ronan!!


Ronan James Eugene

6 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Ronan James Eugene!

  1. Coming back to this – as I was just rereading the initial specifications for a name. Husband doesn’t like names that are specific to any ethnicity. And they ended up with Ronan – which is very Irish. So it just goes to show that when the right name comes along, it doesn’t always have to follow what we perceive to be our preference or distaste. Again – love the name.

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