Birth announcement: Teresa Catherine (Tessa)!

Back in June I posted the consultation for the wee one whose mama just let me know has arrived: Teresa Catherine, called Tessa! Mama Beth writes,

We named her Teresa Catherine after Mother Teresa and St Catherine of Siena ❤ And so far we are calling her Tessa … She was born 10-10, 7 lbs 11 oz 21 inches 🙂 “

The name decision has a beautiful story too:

I was infertile for 4 years. I ended up having stage 4 endometriosis and I’ve had 3 surgeries to remove it. The last one was this past December. I used to go on a mission trip to Mexico every summer until my oldest daughter was born. The last summer I went, I went with our priest to the missionaries of Charity and attended mass with them. Afterwards I asked the sisters to pray that I could have a baby. (We had been married and trying to conceive for 3 years at this point.) The sisters literally started laughing and jumping up and down and said, “this is Mother Teresa’s specialty!” They gave me a medal and a card with a piece of her sari in it and promised to pray. Exactly one year later (to the day) we found out we were pregnant with Madeleine. 🙂

So a few months ago, I was cleaning my drawers and found the Mother Teresa medal and put it on. I had never considered the name Teresa. One evening I asked my husband what he thought of Teresa and call her Tessa. He immediately said “I think that is it!” We visited St Maria Goretti’s relics a few weeks ago and I touched the medal to the glass so now it’s a 3rd class relic too!

We actually didn’t know her middle name for sure until I was in labor. Ken really liked Catherine, but we considered saving it for a first name. But we decided we wanted it for her. My aunt’s middle name was Catherine, she died of cancer when I was 10. And my husband is a convert and right after he converted he went to Europe for 5 weeks and visited Catherine of Siena’s church over there.

So Tessa is named after 2 great saints! 🙂 “

Stories like these are one of the many reasons I love this blog — how wonderful to hear the powerful and amazingly personal ways in which God works in our lives, often through the intercession of the Saints! And hearing things like, “I had never considered the name Teresa” gets me all excited too — it’s so fun to discover what’s hiding in our hearts!

Congratulations to Beth and her husband and their older children, and happy birthday Baby Tessa!!


Teresa Catherine


5 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Teresa Catherine (Tessa)!

  1. What a gorgeous baby girl!! I love her name, the story behind it, and it with her siblings names! Simply perfect.

    Also 10/10/15 is such an awesome birthday! It just looks so cool

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