Birth announcement: Andrew Augustine!

I posted a consultation for Janelle and her husband back in June, which was pretty memorable for its requirements:

“We clearly have a first – middle alliteration thing going on that we would like to keep but in addition to that we also like a solid spiritual meaning and a familiar but not trendy first name with an unusual middle for the boys (reversed for the girls obviously). Bonus for my husband–a theologians name for the boy. Bonus for me–a nature or scientific reference (Elanor: flower from LOTR, Peter: rock, Inessa: genus of skipper butterflies and the coolest version of Agnes ever)

Janelle emailed me to let me know their baby boy has arrived! And they gave him the very handsome name … Andrew Augustine!

Janelle writes,

You did a name consult back in June for my little boy due in July. Here he is–Andrew Augustine. We so appreciated the many suggestions both from you and from the commenters on the post but in the end, my husband really had his heart set on this name. We’ll have lots of ideas for the future if we need them. Thank you so much!

Indeed, Andrew Augustine was the option they’d been discussing when Janelle first emailed me — to me, when you keep circling back to the same idea, even after having been given loads of other ideas that you kinda like, that means something! This little boy was clearly meant to be Andrew Augustine. (And he certainly seems delighted over his name, if his picture below is any indication! So cute! 😀 )

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Andrew!!



Andrew Augustine


7 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Andrew Augustine!

  1. Congratulations to the family!
    Some suggestions in case Janelle has more children: Lewis Lawrence (she said C. S. Lewis counts as a theologian, and Lawrence’s meaning is related to laurel leaves: science reference) and Stella Sophia (stella= star, science reference and sophia= wisdom, hopefully a theology reference).

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  2. […] I did a consultation for Janelle and her husband a few years ago — one which I’ve referred to many times since, and I can see from my site traffic that it continues to be one of interest to you all! They were looking (ideally) for a first+middle combo that included the name of a theologian plus having a science/nature reference, and they had a pattern in their older children of same first+middle initials, so there were a lot of rules/parameters/hopes to keep in mind — it was so fun to work on! And the name they ended up choosing is fantastic. […]


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