December article posted today!


Last year I wrote what I thought was a pretty comprehensive post about Christmas names.

Oh, what a newbie name writer I was!

Not only have I since found better, more comprehensive articles (like this one), but I’ve also found articles and posts that cover ideas I’d never even considered (like names from Christmas TV specials).

So it seemed the only “new” thing to write about Christmas names was to just try to take a new angle (like the aforementioned Christmas TV specials idea), a new-ish way of talking about the same names we always talk about in regards to Christmas.

That’s what I tried to do with my latest column at, which posted today: Holy Family Names for Christmastime Babies. If you couldn’t guess from the title 😉 , I focused on names solely having to do with the Holy Family. They’re familiar to you, of course, but it’s always a nice idea to rehash ways of naming babies after the Major Players in The Christmas Story. I’m also limited with space, which is freeing, because I wouldn’t be able to list All The Names, even if I wanted to. (Whew! Thank goodness for word limits!)

Please hop on over and leave a comment — I’d love to hear your thoughts on these ideas for Christmastime babies, or tell me yours!


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