Tapped as a “name expert”! :D

Remember how I said in my year in review post that I’d been asked to provide a quote as a “name expert”? Can you believe it? 😀 You better believe I’m going to bring that up with my husband next time we’re discussing names and he’s pooh-poohing my favorites! (*ahem* Joachim)

(It’s really a terribly unfair thing for me to say though, as my guy is tremendously supportive of everything I do and I might have even heard him telling people a time or two that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to names. He’s a catch, that one. ❤ )

Anyway, the quote was going to be part of a visual representation of the kinds of info provided in articles like this one, which basically tell you how messed up your child’s life is going to be if you choose the wrong name, and while I suppose data doesn’t lie, it’s also not the full and only story.

So I was simultaneously flattered and terrified because I felt a responsibility to say something good and wise and universally appropriate (the site it would appear on, MomJunction.com, is not American) and also soothing and realistic — this stuff’s important to me! — and I think I did okay … this is the article: How Your Name Can Affect Your Success. And this is the part where I’m quoted (at the bottom):

How Your Name Can Affect Your Success-my_bit

What do you all think? Do you agree? What would you have said? Thanks to MomJunction for thinking I had something worthwhile to say!


8 thoughts on “Tapped as a “name expert”! :D

  1. Yes!! You deserve this Kate!! I’m so happy for you.

    I also totally agree with your comment, but do strongly urge parents to think twice before they pick a name like Kenzleigh 😉

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  2. Soooo rad, Kate! 😍😍😍😍

    And, I very much agree with your point! There are lots (and lots and LOTS 😂) of names that are not to my taste, but names chosen out of love are always a gift.

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  3. WOW!!! 😀 This is definitely warranted and well-deserved recognition! I agree, too…though the snob in me still feels sorry for people poorly named or who have an unfortunate surname (like my husband’s friend from HS whose last name was inappropriate, even, and ended up being adopted by his stepfather with a much more manageable name for someone who wanted to go into communications/broadcasting – and he did successfully in NYC!) or whose cutesy nickname stuck…well, it’s the snob and the empath since I think my spelling of Hollyce is unfortunate 😛

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    • Haha Hollyce!! “the snob and the empath” aww! Fwiw, I don’t mind Hollyce — lends itself quite neatly to “Holly” and simply looks to me like a surname, which is a fun style, and so many surnames have unexpected spellings. It’s really kind of cool!


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