Sancta Nomina goes audial

So this posted today:


Hosted by these lovely ladies:


Can you believe it? I barely can myself! So exciting! I’m sure you’ll have as much fun listening to Haley, Christy, and I chat about name as I had doing the actual chatting, and you’ll get to hear the name ideas I have for them if they’re blessed with more babies — be sure to let me know if you agree or disagree with my ideas, and what others you would offer based on the names they’ve already used for their kiddos!

Let’s Talk About Catholic Baby Names with Kate Towne

(When you click the link you’ll see there’s even a crazy pic of the paper I’d written my ideas for them on — that’s how I do consultations! Old school paper and pen, lots of arrows and doodling and notes in the margins. I will just say there’s an extra lot of doodling on this paper because I had it in front of me while I was talking to them, and if I have paper in front of me I.will.doodle.)


32 thoughts on “Sancta Nomina goes audial

  1. I loved the podcast! You had great name ideas 🙂 I love how so many Catholics have great baby naming stories…my middle name is Elizabeth, and for much of my childhood, I would get so ticked off that my parents INSISTED that I was named after the mother of St. John the Baptist! After all, I wanted to be named after St. Elizabeth of Hungary, since she’s royalty. No lie, it wasn’t until I was about 18 that I understood and appreciated my name-that my parents had decided to name me after the New Testament family trio of women-Anne, her daughter, and her daughter’s cousin 🙂

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  2. oh, this was so awesome to listen to! Nice to finally be able to put a voice to your blog 🙂

    Hearing you say that you basically have a running commentary of names made me feel much more normal because there is definitely a running name commentary that runs through my mind.

    I loved hearing that Haley’s Benjamin goes by the full Benjamin! I adore Benjamin but don’t love Ben or Benny or Benji, so it’s good to know a real one goes by the full thing!

    I loved just getting to listen to a group of women talk about names! It’s so fun to hear you all get so excited.

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  3. Stopping by after listening to the podcast. I’m so glad to have found your blog. I’m 28 weeks along with our third (living) child. Our daughters are Rebecca Marie and Kathryn Elizabeth. Our miscarried son is John-Michael Adrian. We’re terrible when it comes to naming. We don’t even have a list yet. It took us three days to name Rebecca. We don’t know the gender of this bebe, but I will be stalking your blog from here on out to look for ideas!

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  4. Some suggestions! For Haley I like Ezra, and Anne/Annie. For Chrissy I like Benedict, Xavier (but she might not like Xavier with their last name) Gianna and Matilda.

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  5. I was listening to the podcast and wanted to comment after hearing the discussion about Rose- my first daughter’s middle name is Roisin (Irish for “little rose”, and pronounced “row-sheen”). My husband’s family is Irish (last name is Riordan), so we went with an Irish middle name.

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