My weirdo namey mind strikes again

I know that some of you do this, I’m sure of it (right? right?), but I also know that it’s really weird, and I think you all are the only ones I can tell that might appreciate it!

I’ve been musing on the names Benjamin and Gwendolyn  for a while (since the Fountains of Carrots podcast, because Haley has a Benjamin and a Gwen) and how cool it is that they have the exact same number of syllables and rhythm and a rhyming first syllable and ending syllable but are completely different otherwise. I really love that kind of thing — names that are totally different but have a connecting thread. A real-life example that I love is someone I know whose kids are A!dan, Laur3n, and Mad3lyn — I love that all of them have the same sound at the end of their names, but spelled three different ways (-an, -en, -yn). The latter two are twins, and I think they’re names are awesomely matched in terms of each seeming very much their own but subtly connected through that last syllable at the same time.

Anyway, whenever I think of two names that I think really go well together for specific reasons — like syllables+rhythm+similar-sounding beginning and/or ending syllables — I like to try to think of a third, to make a nice group of three. It’s one of the reasons I loved so much the imaginary triplets post of a while back.

So yes, I have spent a ridiculous amount of my free mental energy thinking of the perfect name to go with the hypothetical sibling set of Benjamin and Gwendolyn. And then … I got it:


Benjamin, Gwendolyn, and Hendrickson.

It’s beyond weird how much satisfaction it’s given me to consider these three names together.



18 thoughts on “My weirdo namey mind strikes again

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    I so get this, this has been my life since I was 11. I need to see if my binder of imaginary families that I created when I was 12-14 is still in my parents’ attic. I only remember one of my very perfectly crafted (in my mind) sibsets, which was Sasha (m.), Elijah, and Marigold. I cannot really begin to explain why I was so very, very proud of this particular set and why I still think they’re perfect together (not as easy as syllables, rhymes, or similar endings), but it was this type of “feel” that I’ve always had about names that made me feel so delighted by The Baby Name Wizard when it came out. Finally, someone who thought about names the same way I did!

    …However, sorry to be a downer here, Hendrickson to me is just the family surname on Big Love, so it’s not something I’d name one of my children. 😳😳😳😳

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    • I knew we’d think alike!!!! I love your Sasha/Elijah/Marigold story!!! I would love to hear your imaginary families if you find your binder.

      I didn’t know about the Big Love reference! So good to know! Maybe I’ll go back to the drawing board then …


      • Sorry!! 😢 It’s just that they are horrible polygamists. I think you’re supposed to sympathize with them, but for me, it just shows how very broken people can be without Christ and the Church. They proclaim to believe in God, but are constantly fracturing into different groups…even the polygamist sects (on the show, and I’m sure in real life) can’t agree on how to live daily in (or outside of) society, much less on theology. 😕

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  2. Interestingly enough, one of the reasons I didn’t want to name my daughter Gwendolyn was how sing-songy Finnian and Gwendolyn was…. And how Finn and Gwen seemed to run together. It made me think of penguin when you said “FinnandGwen” really fast. Anyway, I get it 😜

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  3. You wrote Hendrickson, which works, and made me think of Harrison. Ben, Gwen, and Harry. Very rhythmic, but the nn’s get catchy like the VeggieTales Shad, Rack & Benny 🙂

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  4. For a boy, Henderson, Tenneson would fit too.
    Maybe Kensington, but not quite.

    Henderson = son of Hendrik
    Tenneson = son of Dennis

    For a girl, I can’t think of any

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  5. I love this post! First time commenter, and I just have to say that I think you have THE most delightful and fun blog on the internet. I just love it. Thanks for sharing your weirdo namey mind with us all 😉

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  6. In case you still read the comments on your months-old posts, this is sort of related… We’re expecting our second and my husband really wants the middle name Germaine (after St Germaine Cousin, his confirmation Saint) if it’s a girl, and one of the first names I love is Adelaide, and I think they look super sweet together with their parallel vowel order:
    Adelaide Germaine

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