Birth announcement: Marielle Elise!

Do you all remember the spotlight post on Ruby? Julie had asked for it, since she and her husband were considering it for their second baby girl — she emailed me to let me know her little one has arrived, and has been given the gorgeous name … Marielle Elise!

Julie writes,

Hi Kate!

I am the reader that had requested the spotlight on Ruby. You asked if I would share our final choice, and I would love to! We didn’t end up choosing Ruby for the birth certificate, but this little girl came out with bright strawberry blonde hair so it has been floating around as a nickname. 🙂 I tend to be very “nick-namey” so she also goes by Mellie, Ellie, Elle, and Mari-Berrie … Marielle Elise was born in early February! (Pronounced Mary-El)

Our older daughter is Rosalie Gabrielle so you can tell that we gravitate toward French monikers. We liked the idea of both girls having connections to our Blessed Mother via at least one name. Then it happens that my favorite mysteries of the Rosary are the joyful, so their middle names tie into people present at the Annunciation and the Visitation. Both full names have numerous family connections as well.

I have suffered medical complications since her birth so I would appreciate any spare prayers you might have. Thank you and thank you for your blog. Keep writing!

You all are such great prayer warriors, I know you’ll remember Julie in your prayers. And how wonderful are her girls’ names?! I love that both have a Marian name and a Joyful Mystery name — that’s pretty Master Class naming right there! And I love that Ruby’s still possibly a contender as a nickname — I love that, in Marielle’s case, it would be for her hair, how lovely!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Marielle!! (And remember Julie in your prayers!)


Marielle Elise

(Can you believe that sweet smiley face on such a tiny girl? ❤ )



16 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Marielle Elise!

  1. What a gorgeous, meaningful name for a beautiful baby! I’ve always liked the name Marielle a lot, it’s lovely to see it used. Ruby as a nickname given her hair colour would be adorable.

    Thinking of and praying for you Julie!

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  2. Beautiful baby girl! This sparks an idea for a new series of posts….names derived from the Mysteries of the Rosary! My husband says his favorite are the Sorrowful…and so the only name that comes to mind for that is Tristan!

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    • Shelby, about names related to the Sorrowful Mysteries: there is Oliver/Olivia after the mount of Olives (1st Mystery); Rex/Regina after the crowning (3rd Mystery); Simon/Veronica after Simon of Cyrene and St. Veronica (4th Mystery); and Mary/Magdalene/John after the ones who stood by the cross (5th Mystery).

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  3. I just love this idea of naming a child after the Mysteries of the Rosary!
    1st girl after the 1st Joyful Mystery (Gabrielle)
    2nd girl after the 2nd Joyful Mystery (Elise)
    I’m guessing the 3rd girl will be Noelle, after the 3rd Joyful Mystery! (and it’s French!)

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