Birth announcement: Bennett Michael!

One of my dearest friends (bridesmaid-in-my-wedding kind of friend) and her husband have welcomed their second baby on earth, and have given him the amazingly handsome name of … Bennett Michael!

One of the most fun parts of his naming is that she and her husband keep their name choices secret until the birth, but she revealed to me not too long ago that they’d actually first heard the name they’d chosen for a boy from one of you readers! So I was a little obsessive about going through old posts and trying to figure out what I thought the name could be, and I totally called it — I even told my husband, just so I’d have a witness! Haha!

So when she texted me the wonderful news about my wonderful newest pseudo-nephew, I was dancing for joy for all sorts of reasons. 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

Bennett joins big brother Luke Francis, and I don’t yet know if they’re going to call him Ben or Benny but I love every single aspect of brothers Luke and Bennett. Fantastic taste you guys!! Lots of love and congratulations again, and happy birthday Baby Bennett!!


Bennett Michael

(Fun fact: Bennett’s mama is one of several really close friends of mine from college, and between the five of us we have three girls and lots of boys — Bennett is boy #16!!!)

(Now to go obsessively try to figure out their girl name, which is a totally futile attempt because I know she won’t tell me. 😛 )



20 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Bennett Michael!

  1. Yay, Bennett is a great name! I love the sound, the symmetry, and the patron saint. (We used it as a middle for our 2nd son.)

    Funny, we have had Luke Francis (yes, that combo!) in our “next baby” queue for the last 4 sons, but they’ve each come with a different name. I’m glad to know that there is one in this world!

    Congrats to them, and to the pseudo-auntie!

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  2. I have a Luke and a Bennett as well! They are my two oldest kids and are 8 and 6 years old. We love the name Bennett and have yet to meet another one (in “real” life!) I fell in love with the meaning of the name, which is “little blessed one”. My boys are best buds in between the wrestling matches that ensue on a daily basis. Congrats!

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  3. We, too, have a Bennett (Bennett John). He is the second born following big brother Gabriel Scott. We liked the name Ben, but wanted a more formal name and neither of us cared for Benjamin and we have 2 Benton’s in the family. It’s a great name and suite our little B perfectly.

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  4. […] I have this group of girlfriends from college that make up most of my inner circle — girls I lived with, laughed with, cried with, had as bridesmaids in my wedding, and still to this day count as sisters. I’m so excited that today’s consultation is for one of them! Rosey and her husband Brian are expecting their sixth born baby — and fifth boy! (This makes seventeen boys [and only three girls!] among us! Boy no. 16’s birth announcement is here.) […]


  5. We also have a Bennett. And I have never heard of another in real life…yet. It’s a fabulous name and suits our guy very well. Good pick! 👍🏻

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