Baby name consultation: Traditional, timeless, saintly name needed for boy no. 5

I have this group of girlfriends from college that make up most of my inner circle — girls I lived with, laughed with, cried with, had as bridesmaids in my wedding, and still to this day count as sisters. I’m so excited that today’s consultation is for one of them! Rosey and her husband Brian are expecting their sixth born baby — and fifth boy! (This makes seventeen boys [and only three girls!] among us! Boy no. 16’s birth announcement is here.)

This little guy joins big sibs:

Kenneth Brian
Paul Vincent
Clare Patricia Rose
James Emanuel
Henry Joseph

An amazingly named bunch of kids, don’t you think? 😍

Brian got the ball rolling by writing,

Kate! Help! This baby is never going to be named!

You know our existing names as a starting point. First name should be a fairly traditional, timeless catholic saint name, the middle name can be a little more ‘catholicy catholic’ but not all the way out there (Augustine, Blaise, Benedict OK; but Polycarp or Athanasius would be too much)

We don’t seek to nickname, unless there’s an obvious, traditionally accepted nickname for a particular name, we don’t want to come up with anything new or cutting edge. And we don’t want any nickname to be dependent on the middle name. We do use diminutives at home currently: Kenny, Paulie, Jamie, but we like that each son can take their full first name out into the world ‘as is’ with no problem.”

(This part made me laugh, regarding nicknames: “we don’t want to come up with anything new or cutting edge. And we don’t want any nickname to be dependent on the middle name.” They know me too well! 😂)

Brian continues:

I have some combos I really like, but Rosey is ‘meh’ with (at the moment) 🙂:

Charles Augustine
Mark Augustine
Andrew (w Benedict, Charles or Thomas as middle)

Other first names I think could work, but also not grabbing Rosey:


Names excluded for various reasons:

Luke [doesn’t work with last name]
Michael (though could possibly be used as a middle name)

And because it’s hilarious and I’m still laughing about it, there’s this too:

Also, FTR, I gave Rosey a spreadsheet of 73 ‘acceptable to me’ FN/MN combos and asked her to check her top 10-20, but she just put it in the junk drawer and said to skip straight to you. She never likes to take the engineering approach. *sigh*


As for Rosey, she said,

I really don’t care for Charles. But I guess names that I don’t totally hate are (in no specific order) blaise, George, mark, jude, Matthew and of course I love the names of the kids we have. I am OK with Augustine as a middle name and I guess Charles would be fine for a middle name too. I probably would go for almost any middle name.”

This is such a fun challenge! I’ve loved watching Rosey and Brian name each of their children, and being able to offer some thoughts/ideas/suggestions for one of them is such a privilege!

So of course there are lots of great ideas here. I’m a big fan of mixing safe with adventurous, like with James Emanuel, Charles Augustine, and Mark Augustine … if they used something like Blaise or Jude for first names, I could see something more staid like Michael or Francis balancing them out really nicely and making them feel more comfortable with the overall effect (not saying Blaise and Jude are crazy, just a little more adventurous than their other ideas and and their other kids’ names … and actually, I love the idea of Blaise for them because they’re into track/cross country — you know, Blaise … like blaze … like super speedy! 😁) But of course none of that is necessary either — safe + safe, and adventurous + adventurous are fine and fabulous!

I admit I tried to think a *tiny* bit outside the box since Henry’s name was a surprise to them last time — it wasn’t even on the list until the end. One of my ideas in particular doesn’t fit their “traditional and timeless” criteria, but I had to throw in at least one like that, just in case!

You all know that I rely pretty heavily on the Baby Name Wizard when doing consultations, as it lists, for each entry, boy and girl names that are similar in terms of style/feel/popularity. It’s uncannily accurate! But of course it doesn’t always nail a couple’s style, and the lists of similar names it offers aren’t comprehensive, and it doesn’t always do so great with heavy Catholicky Catholic names. (Which is where I come in. 😊)

Okay, without further ado! Based on all my research as well as names I’d come up with for Rosey and Brian before I even cracked the BNW book open, here are my ideas for their newest little guy:

(1) Timothy
I don’t know if it was intentional (and certainly not with Kenny, since his is a straight honor name), but their older kids’ first names all have a distinctly (to me) Irish/Scottish/Brit feel to them (I know they have other associations as well, I just mean as a group), which is one of the reasons I love Timothy for them. Like their other kids, it doesn’t hit you over the head with Celtic-y feeling, but it’s a popular name in Ireland and with Irish and Irish-American families, so it’s taken on a green sheen. It’s also biblical, saintly, traditional, and timeless. I really love this one for them. And since it’s longer, a shorter middle would make a nice rhythm: Timothy Jude, Timothy Blaise, and Timothy George are all really nice imo.

(2) Fulton
This is the idea I mentioned earlier as being the one outside-the-box name I allowed myself to include. I don’t even know what made me think of it for Rosey and Brian initially, but it came to me the other day and I rolled it around a few times with their last name … I love it! And Ven. Fulton Sheen, who was actually baptized Peter John but called Fulton, which was his mom’s maide name, is such a great patron! I’m loving the idea of Fulton Peter or Fulton John, especially if they want to highlight the connection to him, or Fulton Anthony or even Fulton Francis (I don’t mind the alliteration, though I know some people don’t care for it.

(3) Robert
Robert’s been on my radar for a while now (I think it was Downton Abbey that did it!) — I’ve been loving how handsome and traditional it is, and the nicknames Bobby and Robby have been striking me as really adorable. And St. Robert Bellarmine!

(4) Martin
Martin’s totally traditional and timeless, but you rare hear Martin anymore! It really fits in nicely with Kenny’s name, I think, which I would describe similarly.

(5) Philip
I’m actually not sure how Rosey and Brian feel about repeating initials, but Philip has long been one of my favorite favorites. I love the traditional nickname Pip for it, but I think it’s one of those nicknames that doesn’t grow really well with a boy, so their mindset — nickname at home/with the family, but not outside — is perfect for Philip/Pip.

(6) Gregory
This is another favorite of mine — I always like to quote what the BNW says about it: “Popes, saints, and Gregory Peck! Can a name get any more distinguished?” I love that! Pope St. Gregory the Great is an amazing patron, and the full Gregory is so handsome.

(7) Theodore
I’ll end with seven ideas, and this last one is fun because it reminds me a lot of Henry — Theodore’s an older name that’s popping up more and more, including among parents who also like Henry, and is on a similar curve as Henry in the SSA stats (though Henry’s a bit ahead of it). Theo’s an easy nickname for home, or Ted/Teddy, and the full Theodore is smart and serious.

Though those seven are my main suggestions, I sometimes find it helpful to list the names that didn’t make the cut, for whatever reason, just in case. David was my no. 1 for them for a long time, until they said it’s on the no list! I almost included Daniel (Danny Boy!), Tobias (maybe too out there?), and Nicholas (I’m still thinking it might be a good idea), and Andrew was another on my mind for them before I even saw that it was a contender.

And those are all my ideas for Rosey and Brian’s littlest guy! What do you all think? What name(s) would you suggest for the little brother of Kenny, Paul, Clare, James, and Henry?

ETA: I was given permission to include their girl name ideas after I’d already posted, woo! If this baby had been a girl, they planned to use Gemma Katharine, and other girl name combos they like include MaryAlice Veronica, Mary Alice, Veronica Mary, and Veronica Rose.


30 thoughts on “Baby name consultation: Traditional, timeless, saintly name needed for boy no. 5

  1. I thought Gregory before I read it on your list! My fathers name is Kenneth, and one of his brothers is Gregory. Another one of his brothers names that I think could work here is Lawrence.

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  2. My first thought was Daniel!! I think it would go SO well with their other names! It’s traditional and while not overtly Catholicky Catholic, it’s definitely Catholic! (I feel like their other names aren’t overtly Catholicky Catholic until they’re all said together).

    Too bad they can’t use Peter. That was another immediate thought for me for them.

    I also really like the idea of Matthew for them ❤

    They have such great taste, I'm sure they'll pick a wonderful name.

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  3. Francis or Robert would be good…Jeanne likes Timothy Jude or Scott Francis. Jeanne also likes Scott Francis or Daniel John. 🤔

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  4. In my opinion they should “crosscheck” their lists…
    I’d opt for Matthew Francis, Mark Augustine, Mark Francis, Francis Fulton, Blaise Jude, Matthias Francis, Maximilian Jude, Oscar Francis, Oscar Blaise, Aaron Francis, Matthew George, Mark Jonathan, Blaise Christopher.

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  5. I’m really digging Francis in the middle name spot for this family. I have a friend who has a Timothy Francis, which I think would be perfect for them, as well as Theodore Francis.

    I also laughed at his spreadsheet. We walked into the hospital before I had baby #2 with a list in my wallet of first names, middle names, and 11 combos of them. My husband is an engineer, but that was my idea. #indecisive

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  6. This was so much fun to read! I love thinking about baby names – I like Matthew, Patrick, Christopher, Timothy, Thomas. Maggie suggested Joshua. Patrick is Mike’s favorite. I think Blaise would be a cool middle name that would go with any of them. Good luck, Brian and Rosey! 👍🏻

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  7. Too bad Michael is a no go. Love your suggestions of Martin and Theodore for them. What about Leo? And not sure they’d like this based on their stated preferences but just throwing it in because I think it sounds good at the end of their list: Paschal? Both are papal names!

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  8. I was thinking Leo too -traditional and short and to the point. The boys names above are strong and elegant. And Ian instead of John? Miles? Neal? Bennet (for Benedict) could work as a first or middle name. And don’t forget the charms of Linus!

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  9. We have 5 boys and a girl too! Many of our names are the same or overlap with their potentials (Francis Joseph, Peter Augustine, Vincent Blaise, Martin Jerome, and Thomas Xavier); our daughter’s middle name is rose too. Anyhow, my suggestion is Edmund or Edward. Seems like it would fit extremely well with their names and I don’t think I saw it anywhere in the post.

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  10. Great suggestions. I’m really liking George, Daniel, and Martin.
    George Augustine
    George Blaise (fiery dragon overload?)
    Martin Jude
    Daniel Augustine

    I wonder if they’d like Frederick? The nn Freddie seems to fit their style.

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  11. Gregory was one of my suggestions; I don’t have any other FN sugggestions, but would like to throw out Ambrose for a middle name. (It would go remarkably well with both Gregory and Timothy).

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  12. I love Daniel, Gregory, Leo for them, and would throw in Felix, Miles, Oliver. I think Kenneth and Paul are one (very classic and sturdy) stile, while James and Henry are a bit classic-trendy. I like James, Henry and Felix in particular. Maybe Felix Andrew or Felix George?

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  13. It’s a little crazy how close their names are to my own children – Paul, Clare, Mark, Katharine, James, Andrew and Gabriel (who could have been a Henry). John and Thomas are absolute favorites of mine and I could also see Stephen and Philip being perfect.

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  14. Oh and I have to add that Mary Alice is all sorts of wonderful! Swoon! And I’d go so far as to vote against using Mark if they think it would make Mary Alice less doable down the line. Though if they think they can handle James and Gemma maybe they’re not as easily mixed up as I am.

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  15. I was sad to see John was on their “no” list because as I read their other children’s names, I thought, “This family needs a John!”

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  16. I have a Henry and a Theodore, so I have to vote for that! For what it’s worth, we’ve also considered Timothy and Nicholas. There are lots of great suggestions above; I like Gregory and Robert for them, too!

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  17. I really love William. I also think Matthew or Andrew would be great; your suggestions of Martin and Theodore are my favorites! Benjamin also falls in a similar category. Good luck agreeing on something!

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