Eleanor: Take 37

I feel like I’ve posted about Eleanor more than enough: first that it’s not related Helen, despite everyone’s hopes that it is; then, that it might be related to Helen after all; then, Sara (DMNES expert) said it’s actually unlikely to be related to Helen … this name! It’s being kind of a pain!

Lisa emailed me today with a pretty great piece of info though:

“… a couple of weeks ago I was reading about Bl. Archangela Girlani (had never heard of her except from the book I’m reading- The Incorruptibles) whose birth name was Eleanor (I also saw it spelled Elanor) … I was thinking maybe that could be a saint association if people are looking for one — sort of like how St. Teresa Benedicta and Edith Stein are both used/ kind of interchangeable or JPII and Karol? She’s not a modern saint but in the book I’m reading it was mentioned that they exhumed her remains again in the 1960s and her body was still incorrupt — definitely a stretch but it’s a little bit of a modern connection.”

Yes yes yes! I love it! I would absolutely agree that Eleanor can have Bl. Archangela as a patron! (Side note: Archangela! Love it!)

I feel like there are some that would still really love the Eleanor-Helen connection, and I’m still feeling like it’s possible (not in a “yes, they’re etymologically related” way, but more a “it’s not uncommon to find Eleanor used in honor of a Helen” kind of way), but for those who just love Eleanor and want a saintly connection and might have previously looked to Helen because it seemed the obvious choice, Bl. Archangela might be really perfect!

Thanks to Lisa for this great tidbit! (Also? I LOVE The Incorruptibles! I used to pore over it in utter fascination when I was growing up. Catholics have the coolest stuff.)


43 thoughts on “Eleanor: Take 37

  1. Oh, thank you for this! I had my girls (Elinor and Cora) before conversion, and thanks to you, now have patrons to help with extra prayers. I never felt a connection to Helen or Coralia. But found great comfort in the Sacred Heart and I can tell Archangela will be a favorite, too.

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  2. I think that if Eleanor has been used for as long as it has as a form of Helen, then even if that’s not its original etymological origin, that has been the intention behind its use for SO long that, why not? Lol

    Of course I’m the person who says, “NO, Fiona is not the feminine version of Fionn, it’s a totally different fake name!” So don’t take anything I say too seriously.

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  3. Well, there is a St. Eleanor Parish that thinks it is named after St. Helena – http://www.steleanor.com/ (“Welcome to our parish” tab)

    Funny, I, too, ran across that same reference/link to Bl. Archangela Girlani yesterday, after seeing it (Eleanor) was a name of interest for yesterday’s baby name consultant. I think that is a cool link to Eleanor even if not a well known blessed.

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  4. I’ve never ever heard Archangela used before and think it’s such a neat name! Also, I always think of Eleanor as “Eleanor” but am loving all the variations here- Elinor/ Elanor/ Eleanora.

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  5. Nothing really to add here except that my mom had wanted to name me Eleanor but my dad wouldn’t let her, so she named our cat it, and I’m still a little bitter about it, because it was my favorite name and probably still would be if she hadn’t of insisted on using it for a cat 😛

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    • Eleanor has always been one of my favorites, too, like since I was about three years old! My cherished childhood doll was called Nora, as a nickname for Eleanor.

      Anyway, I had always had Eleanor for a child’s name but then someone with whom I have a very competitive friendship named her daughter that so now I wouldn’t because of her and the weird relationship we have. It’s all right though, I ended up with Fiona instead which is cool and doesn’t repeat Elisabeth’s initial.

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  6. Very cool info! And yes, incorruptibles are so amazing–can’t imagine my faith without them.

    I’ve had the name Arcangelo (male version) on my mind this week, thanks to a composer that Pandora suggested to me. I know a couple little Angelos, but Arcangelo is even cooler… but less wearable.

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  7. I agree that Bl. Archangela can be a patron saint for a little Eleanor. After all, she was baptized as Eleanor, which means God called her Eleanor on her baptism day and that has to count for something…

    It’s the same with Bl. Mother Teresa: her birth name is Agnes, so I think she is my extra patron!

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  8. I had to look this post up because I just learned what my friend’s grandparents are named!! And their Arcangelo and Arcangela 😀 😀 😀 Isn’t that so cool?!?!?

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