Namespotting: Ave!

I was doing some name research today (what!) and came across this awesome story of a little girl whose parents believe was healed through the touch Pope Francis. That in itself is, of course, the most amazing part of the story, but the part that’s most relevant here — and made me want to cheer — is that her name is Ave!

Ave!!! I LOVE it!! I’m saying it AH-vay, like Ave Maria,(though I don’t know if the family says it that way … though the only other way I can think it might be said is like Eve but with a long A? To rhyme with “behave”?), and I’ve long thought it can work as a first name, being so similar to Ava. I love love love seeing it used in real life, so the next time I suggest it to someone I can point to this beautiful little girl as an example. My whole day is made. 🙂 ❤


24 thoughts on “Namespotting: Ave!

  1. oh my!! That’s so awesome!! And I love the idea of Ave as a name, but I think I worry about pronunciation too much to actually ever use it. I feel like there’s a huge possibility of people saying AYV (like the beginning syllable of Ava) instead of AH-vay. But what an awesome middle name it could make!

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  2. Unrelated to Ave, but I just read about a family in my alumni magazine and had to share. The dad is author Kent Lasnoski. The kids are
    Socorra Perpetua

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  3. I think for my next girl (God willing if we have one) I want to insist the middle name be Victoria (for other reasons). But ever since you did a name consult for me and pointed out the fact that if we go with an A starting first name, we can give a nod to Mary in the initials because with our last name it would spell AVE. So fell in love with that! I can’t get it out of my head. I have considered asking for a mini consult (for a nonexistent child?) or asking your readers for A names for a girl that go with Victoria (and the sib set Kristy Marie and Martin “Kane”). My 1st’s initials are KME, my 2nd’s are MKE (reversed). I like that an A name would be named after me as Kane has dad’s first initial. Ave Victoria Enloe might have to many Ave’s and Vs? 🙂

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  4. I knew a women named Ave (pronounced the Latin way) when we lived in California. The most interesting thing is that she is a evangelical non-denominational Christian. I always wanted to ask her how she came about her name because it seems like an odd choice for a non-Catholic, but I never got around to it.

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