Name announcement: Baby Hahn!

Until yesterday I’d never had a pre-birth “name announcement” post — and here’s the second one in a row!

I posted the consultation for Ana from Time Flies When You’re Having Babies back in January, and while the name they’ve chosen and announced for their baby isn’t one of the ones I’d suggested, it’s totally in keeping with their style thus far and I’m just dying over it because it’s so darn cute and handsome and sort of crotchety (in the best way possible — kind of like the comments I got that one of my boys’ names is better suited to a “grown man with a cigar hanging out of his mouth … like a stevedore down on the docks!” — I LOVE that! 😀 ).

Little Mister’s name is: Fred Bernard, “likely to be called “Freddie”, named for Mike’s grandfather and Bernard of Clairvaux.” Congrats to the Hahns, and continued prayers for the rest of the pregnancy and labor+delivery!


6 thoughts on “Name announcement: Baby Hahn!

  1. I saw the post and thought: their style is SO tough to predict! But I think Naomi, Bernadette, Lucy, Joseph & Freddie will be adorable together. I envy people who can be 100% decided on a name before they meet Baby…my husband and I haven’t haven’t been able to do that yet!

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