Birth announcement: Fred Bernard!

I am soooo behind on posting this!! I saw that this little dude was born a couple of weeks ago and I was all I have to post it on the blog! and then I kept not remembering to do so, or I would remember at weird times (like in the shower or at the grocery store) and trying to remember to do a thing by relying on my own mind and not writing it down somewhere is a recipe for never ever remembering to do it ever.

But! Miracle of miracles! Here on this gorgeous Saturday morning I’m actually at the computer when I remembered I hadn’t posted it and so I’m doing it now (and it’s so unnecessary I’m sure, as I’m sure you all already know that’s it’s happened, but every birth is a cause for celebration, so). I’m delighted to announce that Ana Hahn’s sweet little boy, whose consultation I posted back in January and whose name I shared in March, has arrived! Here’s the birth announcement Ana posted, and his birth story (I looooove birth stories, every single one makes me cry).

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Fred!!

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