Birth announcement: Felix Thomas!

Oh gosh you guys, I posted the birth announcement for Ana’s little Fred last week and even as I was posting it I had this little thought that kept waving its hand in front of my face that there was another birth announcement I had to post — another baby I’d done a consultation for — but I didn’t write it down anywhere and so indeed when I finally sat at the computer I couldn’t remember who that other baby was and I convinced myself that I must have just been thinking of Ana and all was well.

But then when I was away I remembered! And I was in such a panic that I’d dropped the ball on this handsome little guy that, as you can see, it’s the first thing I sat down to do this morning as I fired up my computer for the first time in days.

So! I’m delighted to announce that Arwen, whose consultation I posted back in April, has had her little guy — the wonderfully named … Felix Thomas!

Felix wasn’t one of the names I’d suggested, but several of you did, with Charlotte @ to Harriet Louise being the first! Nice job, lady!!

I’m just a-swoon over this little guy’s name, and all of his sibs together! He joins Camilla, Blaise, Linus, and Ambrose — what a set!

Congratulations to Arwen and Bryan and the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Felix! (You can read more and see his sweet little face over on Arwen’s blog!)

(I’m just a wee bit behind, so my Monday consultation will post tomorrow instead. So sorry for the delay!)


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