Name announcement: Baby Borobia!

As I posted the other day, Dwija’s water broke the other day at 32 weeks, but as she blogged yesterday, the baby’s fine and still in utero, and Dwija’s in the hospital for the next two to three weeks (at least?) to give her baby more time. Thank God!

It was also important to Dwija that everyone be able to pray for the baby by name, and so they’ve announced: Helen Margaret! Or rather, “Miss Helen Margaret Borobia (nicknames Nellie, Kitty, Flufferbutt. When you have 6 older siblings, you get nicknames FAST).” 😀

Please continue to pray for Mama Dwija and the beautifully named Baby Helen!


10 thoughts on “Name announcement: Baby Borobia!

  1. Praying for them both. Helen Margaret is a beautiful name! I like their name taste – it’s saintly and classic but it’s also got a royal/powerful flair, especially Kathryn, Elizabeth,and Margaret – I think that’s why I also liked your suggestion of Victoria so much! (Also, love the nickname Nell/ie.)

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  2. Wow! I stumbled upon this blog (in desperation) hoping to find a Catholic baby name that my hubby and I can agree on (we are from different generations as well as different cultures, and baby names always end up being the MOST FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE EVER), and I was surprised to find Dwija and her family here! I know them! I got to see little Helen Margaret for the first time just 5 days ago, and she is a real cutie-patootie! Tiny and perfect! Congrats again, Borobia family!

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