Birth announcement: Helen Margaret!

Yes, if you’ve been following my recent posts about Dwija and her baby, you’ll likely recognize the name in the title of this post: Dwija’s baby girl was born via emergency c-section on Sunday! I would have posted the news when I read it, except I read it as I was on my way into a meeting at church Sunday evening, and I got home too late, and then yesterday was consultation day and I really try to keep the whole day devoted to the family in the post to maximize their exposure. I’m sorry to be so late with this!

That link above is to the birth story, and I’m still amazed at the fact that she was born on 3/13 and weighed 3lbs 13 oz. The best news: she’s “very healthy and happy and safe.”

Also be sure to check out Dwija’s Instagram feed, as there are lots of sweet pictures of that teeny tiny girl! St. Helena, St. Margaret, St. Roderick (on whose feast day she was born), pray for this baby and her mama and her whole family.

Congratulations to the whole Borobia Family, and happy birthday Baby Helen!!


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