Birth announcement: Clara Grace!

I posted a consultation for Maureen and her husband back in March, and she’s let me know her baby girl has arrived and been given the loveliest lovely … Clara Grace!

Maureen writes,

Just wanted to let you know that our Clara Grace entered the world on Wednesday May 4 at 4:37am. She was 8lbs. 10oz. and 21.25″ long and we love her to pieces already. She is learning to sleep through big sister, Eleanor’s antics and Eleanor is learning to show her affection gently. We can’t thank you enough for helping us name our sweet girl!

Clara Grace!! I love it!! Extra exciting is that Clara was one of the ideas I offered in the consultation!! 😍 👊 🎉

Congratulations to Mom and Dad and big sister Eleanor Maureen, and happy birthday Baby Clara!!


Clara Grace


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