Birth announcement: Rosalie Caoilfhinn!

Back during Christmas week I posted a consultation for Laura and her husband, and Laura has let me know her little one has arrived — a girl! And she’s been given the amazingly beautiful name … Rosalie Caoilfhinn!

Laura writes,

Rosalie Caoilfhinn was born on April 18 at 11:08pm, weighing 8lbs, 2oz
and measuring in at 21 in. Since she arrived she has just been
showered by love, particularly by big sister Clara. (Clara told me all
along that it was either a girl or a sister!)

We are so grateful for our consultation, and actually, one of the
names that I had written off right away ended up in our final two:
Juliet (Beatrice was the planned middle name.) We had both names ready
when my grandmother died. She had always promised that when she died,
if she was able, she would send us roses to let us know she’d made it
to heaven. A couple of days later, a cluster of red roses bloomed on
my yellow rose bush. Well, when God sends you a sign, I guess you take

That mysterious occurrence, combined with my research on Bl. Rosalie
Rendu and our baby girl’s head full of pretty auburn hair just sealed
the deal for us. Rosalie it is! (We’ve been using your suggested n.n.
“Ree” and daddy’s also been calling her “Li-li” to go along with
Clara’s “Lou-lou.”) And now we have Juliet Beatrice on the list if we
ever have another little girl.”

What a story!! I could just hug Laura for sharing it with us — name stories often have layers of meaning, and it’s such a special thing to get to hear how God works through them. ❤ ❤ ❤

Rosalie joins big sister:

Clara Louise

And I’m just dying over sisters Clara and Rosalie. Beautiful job, Mom and Dad! Congratulations to the whole family and happy birthday Baby Rosalie!!

Rosalie Caoilfhinn with sister Clara and her roses from heaven


14 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Rosalie Caoilfhinn!

  1. Oh I love Rosalie and Clara together!! I wonder if the mama who just had a Clara likes Rosalie at all, because Eleanor, Clara, and Rosalie would be so wonderful 😀

    Also, just curious, how is Caoilfhinn pronounced?

    And beautiful baby!

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