Birth announcement: Alice Joan!

A mama I did a consultation for a few months ago has let me know her little girl has arrived and been given the beeaauutiful name … Alice Joan!

She writes,

Hi Kate!

Wanted to write you a quick email and let you know that our baby girl has arrived.  Alice Joan was born three weeks ago, and we all adore her.

As J and I discussed names, we decided that we would be sad if we didn’t use Joan.  It is a name that has been on our list since I got pregnant with our first in 2010, and we didn’t want to let the opportunity pass to use it.  Having decided on the middle name, we started over looking for a first name.

I had really wanted something Marian.  We looked at Marian names until our eyes crossed, but we couldn’t find one that we both loved.  We came across Alice almost by accident, and J liked it!  It was the one name in the hundreds (no exaggeration!) that we looked at that we agreed on,  so Alice Joan it was.

Thank you again for your time, and your help.”

Alice Joan is so sweet and chic at the same time, and so many great patrons! It occurred to me that they might still claim a Marian connection through Joan, as it’s a feminine form of John, and St. John the Evangelist is a pretty Marian guy, what with having been entrusted with and to Our Lady by Jesus Himself.

Alice joins big brothers:

Dillon George
Liam Matthew

I love how they all have an L in their first name, a nice subtle way of tying together a sibset. All in all, a great job! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Alice!!


Alice Joan


3 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Alice Joan!

  1. I absolutely ADORE the name Alice Joan! Joan is probably my favorite of the feminine forms of John; I’ve always loved it, and Alice is a top-10 name for me! If I could have enough baby girls, I’m sure one would be Alice! It’s also my 7-year-old daughter’s favorite name in the whole world and she named her kitten Alice last year. All in all, I think this family did a beautiful job! Alice Joan is awesome!

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